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This Trait allows you to pull together a net of resources: lists, libraries, data banks, receptionists, specialists and informants. These aides won't actually act on your behalf (aside from a dropped word or two), but they're invaluable when you're trying to find something (Perception + Networking), accomplish something (Manipulation + Networking) or win someone over (Charisma or Appearance + Networking). The more obscure the fact, item, person or feat is, the higher the difficulty of the roll becomes.

Networking takes time and access. You can't just do it from the street unless you've got a cellular phone and a few hours to spend on it. A Background like Contacts, Mentor or Spies would most likely represent an established network.


Research is a 2nd edition skill that we do not use on Sheltering Sky, but in many plots you will find you need to research something. This is when you will use an umbrella stat. If it is an Academic topic you are looking up? Academics as a primary and various secondary knowledges will work. If it's related to a crime? Investigation or one of its secondaries will work. What about information about the city or someones birth/death records, property records etc? Bureaucracy or a subset is the stat you'll want.


This ability is commonly used to ask about anyone and everyone. It tends to be used as a first step in investigations. The thing is, this ability is only going to return decent information known about you on the streets. This ability is meant for: where can you buy drugs, who sells meth, where are the prostitutes, what pawn shop can I fence stolen goods at. What gangs (not cartels/mafias) are in control of what areas. If someone has no presence on the 'street', it is possible streetwise rolls will garner little to no information. Druggies, gangbangers and meth-hookers will just not be aware of Suzy Homemakers day to day life unless she has a vice that leads her to interact with them

High successes will give you more information, but not huge amounts. Example: you roll your streetwise to find out where meth is coming from that is being sold in your neighborhood. You net 6 successes. This is an intensely awesome success. But the results won't feel quite as awesome. Breaking Bad is a fabulous example. 6 successes will likely net you Badger, Skinny Pete, Combo, something about Krazy-8 and maybe, just maybe Tuco (if that analogous NPC is still alive).

The 6 success will not lead you to Jesse. Following the meth; beating these people up, intimidation, super powers on them, or other avenues with them could lead you to Jesse Pinkman. They may have seen Walter, but they know who Jesse is. Jesse can lead you to Walter. Walter can lead you to Gus. Gus can lead you to the Cartel. But those 6 successes in streetwise, won't just hand over it all.

Now - there are times where a Staffer or PrP runner will give you a Jesse or a Walter. It has to do with what serves their story when they do this. What serves the Story, in their opinion, will always trump typical Ability limitations.


Resources seems to provide some confusion with our noting of Liquid valuation. Liquid is - if in the span of 2 days to 2 weeks, you had to liquidate all your assets how much could you hope to raise. Think of this akin to a yard sale: you have an expensive pair of jeans you bought for $100 bucks, you mark them as $1 because you want to get rid of it right now. A consignment shop that can take its time, will sell them for $10 bucks. The jeans aren't worth the $100 that you paid, but they are worth $10. However, if you MUST sell FAST? They are only worth $1 cause you have to liquidate now. So the liquid assets can be roughly 10% of actual value. I say "can be" because some assets devalue differently so staff will make rulings depending on what you have in your list and their personal opinion. It should come out to somewhere between liquid is 10% to 50% your valuation, it is not exact, nor will we ever try to make it so.