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This emphatically applies to LOON. If Loon is no longer the present Shifter staffer, please ignore.

Basics on me

I'm RL Scottish, presently in England, with a really messed up sleep cycle. This does mean I have an extensive vulgar vocabulary, which I make easy use of. It's common where I'm from, okay?

Basic Storytelling philosophy

  • First: Conflict builds story. Whether that be conflict between characters and the environment, between characters and NPC's, between character and problems, or even between characters and other characters: This is what we ask others for help with, what we put in jobs about, that we get into deep discussion over: that push us to form teams, packs, to act on our environment because we are not happy with it.

This conflict is for your character, not you, ideally. f it isn't, let me know, and we can fix things!

  • Second point: Consequences. I will enforce them. There is paradigm of thought that splits GM's into 'No, But', 'No', 'Yes', and 'Yes, but'.

Meaning: What is the GM's default answer to a question? In this paradigm, I'm typically a 'Yes, But.' You can do it - or try two. BUT you might not like the side/effects, or precisely get what you were looking for. I promise it will generate story, though. something you can talk about. Complain about. Boast about.

  • Third point: I'm a scheming, manipulative sort given to long term planning.
  • Fourth point: I take the position that Rules shape story. That is: If I make a ruling, I'm trying to create a specific result in roleplay. I may not always succeed, but that is the goal. If I do give a flat out no - Part of that is a challenge for you to think outside the box: You have a goal, I've told you you can't accomplish it that way. Think of a different way. Ask! Who knows, I might give you a cryptic suggestion. I'm generally fairly easy going! And pretty decisive, typically.

Shifter specific Philosophy

I'm going to state the part that will make me unpopular right at the front: like it or not, Kinfolk are second class. Their purpose in Shapeshifter society is to do the public roles that You can't, because of the curse (Like acting as public security, or acting as a shopkeep so you can get income, or working in a trade to supply money to the sept..) and making more Shapeshifters.

Part of the horror in Werewolf - and let's make no mistake, it is a horror game - Is in relationships: to-whit, a relationship between Kinfolk and Garou, for example, fits most definitions of an abusive one. Consider that as a kinfolk, you are partnered someone who (even if they cant' frenzy) has a hair-trigger temper, is trained to violence, and is your physical superior in every conceivable way. Assuming you've been raised in kinfolk/shifter culture, you will have been conditioned not to anger the shapeshifters. Which frequently means 'do not argue with them'. Which means the vast majority of relationships are going to be the Shapeshifter making all the decisions. Do I need to paint any more detail?

The rest of the horror? lies in the question: are these the end of days? Has the Apocalypse arrived? THe population of Shapeshifters is shrinking. You are losing the war - or so it seems.

The next theme I would toy with is change - the world is changing. Can the Garou, the Fera, Adapt? What new things exist, and how will you react with them? Can the wounds of the War of Rage ever be healed?