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                        Adalina Claudia Giovanni                        

"Darling, why would that concern me? I'm wealthy enough that I can pay somebody to worry on my behalf."

Adalina Portrait.jpg

Carlotina - Being as she is my only blood relative in this God-forsaken backwater, she is rather dear to my heart. I could not hope for a more adorable niece.

Uthur - What a frightfully rude man he was, and he seemed to think he was my friend so that made it OK.

Justice - Dearly departed, her soul the victim of crimes that appall even me.

Magdalena - People seem so frightened of her. Personally, I find her sincerity very sweet.

Hannah - Very pleasant company, genteel and only a little bit frightening.

Hideaki - The kind of straight-laced competence that makes for a good leader. He'll get there eventually, and I'll support him when he does.

Rothstein - What a horrible little man. I can be patient, and one day I will punish you appropriately for threatening my family.

Susan - Charming to talk to. Also, I simply must acquire one of those little chairs of yours.

John - Too high status for me to simply buy his loyalty, which is a shame, as he would make a wonderful employee.

Darius - There is a special hell for people like you. I hope you suffer.

Sharpe - A joke, surely? How did this drunken, loud-mouthed, charmless thug of a redneck get into power?

The Molly - She has the soul of a muck-racking gutter journalist, which is to say that she is a genuine delight to listen to.

Faithe - There is potential here. Let us hope the locals don't ruin her with their vulgarity.

Jimmy - He shall be dead shortly, in the scheme of things. And I shall still be here, and good riddance to him.

Taylor - So young, and so fabulous for it. I can't help but like her.

Tye - Do you ever speak? I have nothing to say, because I have no idea who you actually are.

Silvia - Distinctly odd, and cleverer than people think. She's not a threat to me, so I see no reason to stop her spreading her influence.

Anton - I am onto him.

Asher - Very clever and very useful, and also currently pregnant and yet unmarried. I must make sure she's kept safe.

Jacob - He knows enough to be worth keeping around.

Darla - I'm sure she could be a good and kind woman if she put her mind to it. As it is, she's far to angry about things that don't matter.

Age:    46
Occupation:    Antiques dealer and gallery owner
Nature:    Sage
Demeanor:    Loner
Home:    Casa delle Farfalle
Ethnicity:    Italian-American
Flaws of Note:    Lame
Car:    Aston Martin V8 Vantage

ACG Antiquities

Traders in rare books and other objects since 1885.

We specialize in the book market, with stocks ranging from the 7th century to the early 20th. For the serious academic or bibliophile, we have collections in New York, Boston, Housten, Baton Rouge, and Denver in the united states, as well as smaller collections in our original offices in Venice and Florence. While all our offices have a full list of our current inventory, due to concerns with damage, we do not move our stock until a purchase has been made. If you wish to view our collections, please make an appointment to visit our relevant archives.

We pride ourselves in our knowledge of the field, and can source most rare books for a reasonable fee. However, our speciality is in theological and philosophical works, and scholars wishing to view original texts in person can do so for a small charge.

As well as books, we carry a smaller range in other antiques and art works, dating from the 16th century to the late 19th. As with our books, we specialize in religious items, and have an in-depth collection of devotion art works in our Boston gallery.

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