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When I was your age they would say we could become cops or criminals...What I am saying to you is this...When you are facing a loaded gun, whats the difference? - Frank Costello

Biographical Data
Name: Adria Rivera Ortiz
Birthdate: No
Occupation: CBI Agent, former SWAT
Nationality: Puerto Rico American
Nature: Guardian
Demeanor: Alpha

Quote: TBA
Themesong: TBA

A CBI detective, former SWAT. A newcomer to the CBI she used to work on the k9 division at SWAT but seems to have chosen a change in career. She is known for her penchant to animals and can sometimes be seen on animal shelters or even out at the Ute reservation helping train horses.

RP Hooks

Dogs: Dogs, horses, wild animals, Adria has a deep interest for all types of animals and even if her specialty is with dogs it doesn't mean other species don't interest her, be it in conversation or anyone interested in having specialized training on their animal.

Law: Anything related to crime, law-enforcement and Adria is most likely interested. She is a new detective on the CBI and seems ready to make a name for herself. She's got a reputation of being straight to the point and honest.

Self-defense: Adria runs self-defense classes for victims of abuse, but others are welcome. Something that even as she got promoted to a CBI detective she hasn't given up on, from her time on SWAT.

Cars: She drives a Plymouth Barracuda, apparently one she worked on restoring herself over the time.


Andrew - I ain't afraid of no ghost (cop).

Tye - Cat and Mouse? More of a dog person myself.

Spider - I don't know where you went. But I made you a promise, if you ever need me you know where to find me.

Sarah - Let's see if your actions match your words.

Jennifer - Potent boyfriends? Wtf?

Giles - Librarian my ass.

Ekta - Give me my wits back.

Imaan - Smart as a fiddle. Reminds me of the CBI nerds top floor, but without looking like one.., if you know what I mean.

Julio - Good instincts. But what's underneath?

Aliyah - You seem mad at the world. But we do live in a fucked-up world, don't we?

Brian - Not the gung-ho type. I can respect that.

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