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Aldulfr Gunnarson

Standing at six-foot, he carries himself with an air of confidence. Long, sandy blond hair is tied back into an intricate braid that hits midback; the sides of his head have been shaven to the scalp, smooth to the touch. Classically 'viking' features come together to form a ruggedly handsome face framed by a scruffy, short beard that lines his jaw and joins with his mustache to form a goatee. Likely to catch the most attention, his eyes are an incredible shade of blue.

His attire is fairly straight forwards with rugged brown hiking boots, worn and comfortably fitting jeans, and a loose fitting, long sleeved thick shirt in a dark forest green. If the weather calls for it, he has a charcoal grey leather jacket.

b9tOwkE.png Duff tends to wander the coffee shops, enjoying audible books and nice strong coffee.

Aldulfr carves tiny figurines and larger forms. He commissions items as well as vends them during flea markets and at farmers markets. You can also find them at "Under the Juniper" and "Second Sight" or have things commissioned. Animal and nature shapes are his forte.

Duff is blind, but it is a anger point if you think that makes him weak! Be wary!

Aldulfr has a mystical bend to his life, and may be willing to teach those he deems worthy. Are you one of them?

Spiritual knowledge seems to be his forte. Are you in need to find a certain spiritual fact, look him up.

He is a bit set in his ways. People have their place in life, and you may learn of his biased opinions often.

Behind the gruff and biased exterior is a man that seeks knowledge and adventures. Take him skiing, bridge jumping or more!

Young Johan moved to Colorado with Aldulfr. He is an npc who plays escort to the blind Duff. He goes to college as a freshman, taking business courses. His main interest seems to be girls, women, and more girls. Ouray is a big influence on the young man, much to Aldulfr's dismay. oB6SbjR.jpg

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