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"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

Biographical Data
Name: Alessandra Carter
Birthdate: April 2, 1992
Occupation: Paralegal
Nationality: American
Nature: Revolutionary
Demeanor: Defender


Alessandra and her husband Max recently moved here from New Orleans. Max is a criminal defense attorney who has set his rates somewhat insanely low in the hopes of bringing more affordable justice to people who need it. Alessandra has legal training but for some reason has not taken the bar yet. She seems to spend most of her time assisting Max and doing unspecified things.

RP Hooks
  • Routine Legal Help - Wills, contracts, and general questions. Alessandra is willing to lend a hand. If you need an actual lawyer, she'll refer you to max.
  • New in Town - Generally friendly and lonely out here in freezing cold Colorado, Alessandra is more than willing to talk to just about anyone in the hopes of establishing herself as a member of the local community.
  • Beau - I've appreciated the warm welcome, and your willingness to help me learn.
  • Cody - Friendly, encouraging, and full of excellent information. I'm looking forward to spending more time with you.
  • Donovan - Like a flickering flame, one moment the soul of focus, the next moment a big goof.