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"Adversity is an opportunity for change." - Zenyatta

Biographical Data
Name: Andrea Henderson
Birthdate: 12/11/1997
Occupation: College Student / Pop Star
Nationality: Caucasian
Nature: Gallant
Demeanor: Bon Viant

Quote: "Smiling Increases Face Value"
Portrayed By: Chloe Moretz
Themesong: Can You Feel it? - Chaos Chaos

Andrea is born and raised in San Francisco, California up until the moved to The Peak on a partial scholarship in Music at The Colorado State University branch in Denver. Having been fascinated with music for most of her life, Andrea tried out for American Idol when she turned seventeen and made it to sixth place before being voted off. This elevated her fame and popularity on social media and even helped record and debut a top 100 album in the summer of 2015 called Becoming Whyld. Currently she has three singles that are charting which ranges from environmental issues to uplifting pop beats. Her musical style is considered to be rock-pop in the sound of early Paramore or Hey Violet. She has toured with Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift and CHRVCHES in the past before taking leave of the music scene to focus on college. During her touring, Andrea modeled for American Eagle Outfitters and represented their Live Your Life campaign during the Spring.

Andrea spends a lot of time focusing on charity in the form of environmental activism, and women's rights. She is a powerful voice on social media encouraging young women to love themselves and to be body positive.

Recent events:

Andrea has put out a second successful album that hit the top ten with a single that went to as high as number three. Her music is reflective of the current pop and electronica scene that dominates most clubs. A third album is due out very soon with rumors that it will reflect a more darker and edgy tone to the lyrics that appeals to a more adult range of listeners.

Andrea and her husband Khaled has decided to head back to the Sept of the Western Eye to rejoin her family and for Khaled to rejoin his pack. They left without much fanfare outside of a few notes to a couple of close knit friends.

RP Hooks
  • Has Hollywood contacts in Music/Modeling/Acting
  • Originally from San Francisco
  • Heavily involved in charity and is a peace/environmental activist.
  • Always willing to perform concerts at clubs/charities/special events

Those that are still here

Those who have gone

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