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"Gold is merely dirt that shines. To be enlightened, you must become the sun."

Ngoma Proverb

She is tall, with angular, sculpted features on skin that is the color of rich, dark carob. Her body, especially her upper body, is strong and physically fit, with the exception of her left leg, which is atrophied and causes her foot to twist in a club-like curl. She usually wears a head cloth, called a dhuku, about her hair, and bright, African fabrics and gold jewelry
RP Hooks
  • Student - Aneni is in Colorado on a study abroad tour.
  • Architect - Aneni likes to design holistic buildings using sacred geometry.
  • Smith - She is also an aspiring metallurgist and likes to work with her hands.
  • Foreigner - Aneni is from Zimbabwe
  • Miriam - Do not use up sticks on go-away birds while the guinea fowl have yet to come.
  • Andrew - To quench thirst is to go to the pool.
  • Eirnin - The subject's journey was prevented by the chief's; the chief's was prevented by the rain.
  • Arn - The gourd which is heavy is the one which has seeds.
  • Kismet - The mouth does not give, what gives are the hands.
  • Xenia - One who has pinched has fought.
  • Kate - A new thing doesn’t come to she who sits, but to she who travels.
  • Cyrus - To reject a red one means seeing a white one.
  • Giles - An elephant is not burdened by its own tusks.
  • Reg - It's a marvel to see a leopard playing with a goat.
  • Marcus - A hard bed does not kill.
  • Donovan - That which has horns is not concealed in a bundle of grass.
  • Asher - The frogs rejoice when the hammer-head has lost its eye.
  • Zilla - It is a deliberate choice to die from the wounds of tattoo marks.
Name Aneni Tshuma (Ah-NAY-knee SHU-mah)
Occupation Student/Architect
Nature Cavalier
Demeanor Architect
Height 5'7"
Weight 158 lbs
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Apparent Age Mid 20's