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""Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise." - Benjamin Franklin

""There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.” ." - Ernest Hemingway

""Country girls have ah whole lotta class with a little bitta sass." - Annabelle Larkin Tulles

Biographical Data
Name: Annabelle Larkin
Nicknames given by PC's:
Aur'Tamat (the bull spirit)- Silver Princess Billy- Bells
Liam- Applejack Ouray- Red
Itsy- Firehair River- Copperhead
Andre- Freckles Joe- Tex, Texas
Aldulfr- Princess Ella- Sunshine
Malcolm- Little Red Riding Hood, Christy- Annie Oakley
Velasco- Hazelnut Harry- Little cousin Annie

Birthdate: January 28, 1993
Occupation: Waitress/Ranch Owner
Nationality: American
Nature: Caregiver
Demeanor: Caregiver
Apparent Age: Early 20's
Height: 5'1" On a good day

Adoptive Father: David Larkin
Adoptive Mother: Rachel Larkin
Employee: Rickie Thurston
Employee: Lizzie Jenkins Saxe

Music: [She's Country]
Music: [Alcia Keys]
Music: [Joe and Anna's song!]

Annabelle Larkin is from the great state of Texas. She lived there on a ranch with her parents who owned it, about an hour south of San Antonio. The ranch worked with cattle as well as crops and are still quite successful. She is now in Colorado and is the proud owner of Luna Lake Ranch as well as her own staff to help run it! With working at the ranch as well as being a waitress from time to time at the amazing Wolfs Mantel Tavern Annabelle is also a new mom! Roderick August was just born this fall and is one cute little guy. She can be found driving around town in her 2009, blue, Dodge Ram pickup truck.

Important things in Annabelle's life

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RP Hooks
  • Annabelle is a Texan and proud!
  • She is a waitress at the restaurant Wolf Mantel Tavern. Come see her. Make sure you tip.
  • Annabelle is part owner of an antique shop. Need help getting something? let her know!
  • She likes all things ranch/farm life, Do you like horses? Cattle? Farming? The outdoors in general? She's your girl for a good conversation.
  • Roxanne - Yer a real kind lady. Ya seem genuine and I can respect that about someone. Ya also seem happy ta help people who need it. I'm proud ta have ya as a neighbor!
  • Musaphir - You are a right proper fella. Yer mask scared the day lights outta me but now I think yer kinda nice.
  • Malcolm - (Guns) You do the best you can in this world. You've grown so much since I first met you. I know you will make everyone proud. Believe in yourself I know I believe in you. You are such a wonderful man and you have such a big heart.
  • Liam - Best friend, brother, boss. You're the best and I count myself blessed yer in my family.
  • Dawn - You have a good heart and want to see the world healed. I respect that.
  • Aldulfr - I will forever remember your sacrifice.
  • Molly - I owe you everything.
  • Maya - Ya good ta work with.
  • Darla - Don't know ya much but yer strength is an inspiration.
  • Billy - Our son will grow to be an amazing man.
  • Ouray - (Double R, Rebel Rouser, Rebel) I like ya, darlin. I know ya got yerself a likin fer trouble but yer heart is good and in the right place. I respect ya and yer one of my best friends.
  • Andre - You are someone who takes care of what needs to be done.
  • Darius - You healed my arm, fer that I'm thankful.
  • Joe -(Montana, MountainMan), You are gone. I had such high hopes...
  • Elijah - I don't know what the heck happened but yer back and I see ya now and then. I wish ya the best of luck.
  • Itsy - I know you will ALWAYS find me. Always. I will never fear again.
  • Alexander - I don't see ya much but yer willin ta make me yer liason and that is cool by me! Thank you.
  • Sofia - You don't like me much and I don't know why.
  • Donovan - (Cap'in Ego) Yer a sea of turmoil and strife most of the time. It's then I think I understand ya but then you have moments of calm ta yer storm, peace and even kindness and that is when I find my head spinning the most. I hold on to the moments of warmth like cocoa.
  • Jacob -(Tech) I found a kindred spirit the day I metcha. Glad we're friends.
  • Ashley - I will forever say your name and speak of our friendship with pride.
  • Polk-You up and left too. I thought you'd stay around.
  • Ila- You came ta save me. I was surprised to hear it but pleased. Thank you. I owe you much.
  • Beau - It's good you're in town.
  • Ayala - I haven't known ya long and we don't get ta spend much time together but I know you are someone I can trust! I look forward to a new friendship with you.
  • Iz - Hey Princey. Don't see ya much but I enjoy your company when I do.
  • Ekta - I like visiting with you. Things have been stressful so I haven't been able to relax lately but I hope that changes soon and I can get to know you more.
  • Gavin - Doc McStuffins, Yer a right fine fella and I'm glad ta know ya.
  • Harry - Fancy Pants, I know I haveta keep ya at arm's length. I had once hoped but now I know what will be. You are part of the ranch and we are so blessed to have you there. You are family in many ways.
  • Addison - Welcome! Yer a right fine gal! I'm happy you'll be at the ranch. I need more gals round there, You , me, Ayala and Lizzie can handle it all just fine!
  • Harley - You are on your own path. I wish you the best of luck.
  • Cody - New to town and he seems so nice! I'm glad you're here I'm so glad that you're willing to talk with me about interesting topics!
  • Quanah - Things were going so well and I think you are a kind heart with such pain attached to it. Something has hurt you seriously and I hope maybe I can help in any way I can. I hope you come back. I really do.
  • Alyson - Well you are just the best thing to happen to this group in a while! I am glad yer in town and even more excited yer staying at the ranch! It'll be good ta have a gal around and especially one like you! Lets sleigh ride on feed bags!

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