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Fall seven times, stand up eight. - Japanese proverb

Biographical Data
Name: Anneke Williams
Birthdate: Uh, the 90s?
Occupation: Security consultant, resident ass-kicker
Nationality: American
Nature: Caregiver *smirk*
Demeanor: Guardian

Quote: When you are constantly re-imagining yourself what's left in the end?
Themesong: Eyes without a face - Billy Idol

Anneke has been around for a while already in the city, a security consultant but also an emerging figure in the underworld scene. Word in the streets is she is taking hold of the illegal fight club in the city.

RP Hooks

Do you like fightin', because she loves to do so. She trains at the gyms in the city so you may run into her more often than not.

Bike rider, somewhat of a daredevil herself and likes everything related to them, be it racing, comparing horsepowa or other such macho bullshit.

For those with streetwise there is the rumor she may be the one behind the emerging fight club in the city. If you want to get your head banged up come to the machine shop sometime, but only on special nights!

A security consultant, she does combat training, has knowledge on tech and computers and can help those with security needs or fearing for their lives!


Do I really need to? FML... ok I will put up a few..

Ava - It's like looking in the mirror.

Tye - Let's get this show on the road.

John - Bramble along, my friend.

Taylor - What happened to make you so empty inside? I hope you find what you look for soon.

Niyah - Dude, you left your spine back here.

Calamity - Rawr, hiss, claw, bite.

Hideaki - Where did you go? I thought we were getting along well.

Magdalena - Nuns with BIG guns.

Griff - If there's a right-hand man I would like to have, that'd be him.

Georgie - Ahah! I am not the new kid anymore!

Jean Jacques Saint Fleur - *hat tips*

Constance - If you truly repented I will eat JJ's hat.

Aliyah - The new DA? Don't get in my turf, babe.

Alex - Oh, you wanna fight, uh?

Kayla - You can't run forever.

Derek - Boyscout.

Brian - By-the-book CBI agent fresh off the academy. Hopefully he will learn things ain't just black and white.

Andrew - Ghost cop. He wants to do good, maybe.. But we all know how that ends.

Liz - Less acid, more water.

Asher - More acid, less water.

Francis - Bit of a dandy at first impression.

Emily - She looks so fucking damn sweet that I wonder what she hides in her closet. Stabbed teddybears?

Fluffy - Yea, we are all kinds of messed up, doesn't mean we need to let that limit us.

Isaac - A helping hand in dark times.

Kannika - She certainly got more than a pretty face going on for herself. Sharp and witted.

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