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Anton Levitz

Biographical Data
Name: Anton
Birthdate:  ???
Occupation: Importer/Exporter
Nature: Rebel
Demeanor: Rogue

Quote: "If you believe you're a Queen, then you're a goddamned Queen."
Themesong: Nas - The World is Yours

A new city. A new flock. The streets of downtown Pokoh's Peak bristled with activity, pedestrians moving this and that way about their nightly business. Parked under a solitary light pole gleamed a clean, white Chevelle. A handsome, pale man rested easily against it, arms folded over his chest. Green eyes glinted behind mirrored shades, watching the passersby with a hungry attentiveness. The man's torso was wrapped in a thick black jacket, legs in simple blue jeans. Heavy, shit-stomping boots hid his feet, resting on the black pavement below. His green eyes relaxed, taking in the entirety of the crowd in his senses, as if searching for something in particular that was not quite in sight. The act of watching eased his mind, eased his troubles, and his thoughts of what awaited him back in New York City. A devilish grin then split the man's lips as his eyes found their target: an attractive woman with deliciously dark skin. Shoving off of the car and unfolding his hands, he pressed into the crowd, tailing the beautiful woman from a safe distance.


* Silvia: I like to swing my dick, but I know when the posturing means nothing. This woman reminds me of how small I am.