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Biographical Data
Name: Asher Korovina
Birthdate: April 13th, 1989
Nationality: U.S. Citizen
Ethnicity: Russian
Occupation: Student
Nature: Loner
Demeanor: Bureaucrat

Quote: "Adapt, Evolve, Survive"

They All Fall

Elder Hymn



The Peak's resident weirdo, one of them at least. She shows up in all kinds of places, sometimes when you least expect it. Her behavior has been known to change too based on who she's talking to. Everyone seems to have a different opinion on this chick. Some think she's just a whacked out nut-job, others say she's a business professional and on occasion there are whispers of stranger things. You can find her slumming it up downtown in the seediest of bars one night and then the next day she'll be all gussied up at a high society event fitting in with all the other big wigs. One has to wonder, just who is she really? Maybe it's the way she looks, maybe it's the way she carries herself, but something just isn't 'right' about her.

RP Hooks

Information Collector: Asher seems to know just about everything that goes on in the dark corners of this city. And when she doesn't, she tends to find out sooner or later. If you want to know what she knows, you better have something to trade. Though maybe you'll get lucky, I hear she sometimes gives things out for free, though surely there's a catch somewhere.

Polymath: Cryptography, Toxicology, Computers and the Esoteric, Asher has a highly varied and robust education. Maybe she can help you with something?

  • Adalina: A fellow scholar of mysteries.
  • Aidan: People will exploit your kindness if you're not careful.
  • Arn: Ok, you've earned my respect. Still probably gonna yell at you though.
  • Calamity: Mother of serpents, how I adore thee.
  • Christy: Stick around or take off, just pick one.
  • Cyrus: We made the right choice...right?
  • Emmanuel: The sensible one.
  • Faisal: Wise
  • Giles: Is it really a test? I can't tell anymore.
  • Griff: Grumpy and efficient.
  • Isabella: I look forward to future endeavors.
  • Kate: Come out of your damn cave more often! I know you're in there!
  • Kismet: I hope you didn't have to sacrifice too much.
  • LeSeur: Reasonable, good.
  • Liz: You're cool but maybe you should lay off the pills a bit.
  • Marcus: Harden yourself before you're consumed from within.
  • Mavis: Best teacher!
  • Miriam: You should come around more often.
  • Niyah: You know what, you're alright.
  • Nuru: Whee!
  • Reg: You too, come out of your damn cave!
  • Rhys: Stop trying to paint my hands red, I owe the world nothing.
  • Sebastion: Overly cautious, but entertaining.
  • Serap: One of the few who accepts what's underneath. Thank you.
  • Theodore: Excellent craftsmanship you've got there.
  • Trinity: Keep it secret keep it safe.
  • Tye: He has a bigger heart than I do.
  • Xenia: A true friend.

The Deceased, The Lost, and The Rest.
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