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[[File:Battat.jpg|200px]] </center>
[[File:Battat.jpg|200px]] </center>
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"You have got to be fuckin' shittin' me right now."
Biographical Data
Name: Ava Maria Navarro
Birthdate: April 3, 1983
'Occupation: Detective at PPPD
Nature: Visionary
Demeanor: Judge

"Damnit, that is going to be another form to write up...Thanks a lot."
"Come here, I don't bite. Hard. Okay, but I didn't draw blood! Geez."
Avicii- Addicted To You
Lovelytheband- Broken
Lewis Capaldi- Someone You Loved

HOOK 1: Vamp and vampie related sorts

HOOK 2: Police sort- PPPD- Detective specifically.


An athletically framed woman is before you. Large honey-brown eyes look out from thick black lashes, while full lips are in constant 'resting bitch face' mode, rarely smiling genuinely. She doesn't wear much make-up, if any that you can tell. She has straight teeth that only years in braces can achieve. She has no piercings or visible tattoos marring her bronze colored flesh. Her black hair is thick and often pulled back out of her face and off her shoulders.


Magdalena - You weren't as horrible as the other say. When the dust settles, we can see what there is to see?

Tye + - A man of few words, but I was glad I got to be one of the few that knew you well. You will do well on your next venture and I wish you all the best things this life has to offer. Don't forget your way home.

Faithe / Anneke - BFF. I miss you so much. It hurts more than I go an show. I tried calling your phone until it disconnected... just on the offchance you might have answered it.

Niyah - I like you, despite you. You get me in a way the others just can't ever understand. And now here I am. I am what you exactly didn't want me to be- your ghoul.

Taylor - Put away for a while and now back and the Sheriff? That was some quick ladder climbing.

Calamity - She is a little weird, but kind. Interesting lady too.

Andrew -CBI, dont really like me much anymore.

Alex - Rar.

LeSeur - I don't like mixing with the big wig too much, not because he is a bad guy, just trying not to be on his radar too much, you know?

Isabella - She is nice, doesn't seem put off by me being a ghoul. She is straight forward, I like that about people.

Halloween - *flips the bird*

Spider - What started off as a pissing contest actually turned into a friendship. A good one at that. Love ya, Kid.

Long - New guy here. Seems to want to please everyone to fit in. That will wear off quick enough.

Elizabeth - Auditor. She seems nice enough, was willing to take me even though she didn't even know me, which was really nice of her. I felt like she was going to mother me though and my mom died a long time ago.

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Battat.jpg </center>