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"Phenomenal cosmic power! Itty bitty living space." - The Genie

Biographical Data
Name: Ayashe Windstrider
Nicknames: Aya, Shorty, Birdy
Occupation: Private Investigator at Windstrider Investigations, and part-time journalist.
Nationality: Ute
Height: 4'10
Age: Looks to be about early 20's.

Quote: "Yes, I know I'm awesome, but that doesn't mean I'm interested in you."
Theme Song: "Neon" - Jeff Williams, RWBY Volume 3 Soundtrack https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ili_HdPj8Ik






Ayashe Windstrider is a private investigator known for her eccentric behavior. She lives in a trailer on the edge of the Ute Reservation where she also maintains her office, and the people around the rez are largely a bit wary of her. There's rumors of her walking around nude, talking to birds, and generally just being that crazy lady up the hill. Those who get to know her, however, have detected a sharp mind and eye, though yes, she's still a bit odd. For one example, she watches kids shows about cartoon ponies and is often humming a song from said shows.

She's also known around town for two things: how much she can eat and how much she can talk. For such a tiny woman, she puts away a LOT of food. On top of that, she seems to speak every thought that comes to her head, just as fast as they come too. This coupled with her inability to sit still often leaves people wondering just how much caffeine she drinks on a regular basis.

RP Hooks
  • Ute - She speaks the language, lives on the rez and has a lot of connections there.
  • Ravens - She loves talking about these unusual birds and seems to be a local expert on them.
  • Windstrider Investigations - Aya runs her own investigation company and will take any case if it's interesting enough.
  • My Little Pony - Aya watches the shows, and often hums the theme songs or pulls quotes from it.
  • RWBY - Yup, the animated and fidgety one watches this too.
  • News - Sure, she watches cartoons, but she's usually the best person to ask about current events, and she's often seen with several copies of local papers.
  • Collecting - Aya is a known collector of various things: coins, bottlecaps, even bullet casings. If you're a collector, she can relate to you.
  • Gossip - If you like to gossip, you've come to the right girl.
  • Journalism - While lesser known, Aya has written a few small pieces here and there, doing freelance work. Also, if you have connections with the local papers, you may have heard of her, as she pops in from time to time to speak to one of the editors.

  • Cody - The Good Doctor. Or that's what others call him Nice guy though.
  • Ella - Cody's partner and the only other person in town as short as me.
  • Beau - Always fun to talk with.
  • Chenoa - Family, if not always in the traditional sense. Sometimes I wonder just how related we are.
  • Itsy - Your radio show sucks, but you're fun in person.
  • Cain - Full of interesting, albeit dispassionate, stories. You also make Andrea uncomfortable, so bonus points!
  • Ekta - My favorite gossip buddy!
  • Malcolm - Your arm's off!
  • Raven - Cemetery stew and interesting conversations. Yes!
  • Andrea - Well, aren't you fun and easy to tease. Also, no stealing babies.
  • Darla - Don't you dare shoot me!
  • Molly - We need to hang out more.
  • Dawn - So long grumpy momma bear. I'll try to keep people from stealing your baby in your absence.
  • Maya - Like me, but so very not like me. We work well together.
  • Donovan - Well, hello other grumpy person.
  • Jolon - I've always wondered about you, and now I know.
  • Musaphir - Very big, very quiet, but also very in love with Maya. Also, he likes ravens!
  • Erik - Hey ugly!
  • Wade - Don't mess with Chenoa or I will end you.


  • Michelle - Always there when I need to learn about what it means to be a woman.
  • Kele - My go to guy for tech support issues, at least until I learn more about computers.
  • Jaci - The reason I speak as well as I do. Don't mess with old Ute women.
  • Jimmy - My favorite mechanic and pot dealer. He helps me out from time to time with stuff.
  • Declan - You're mine, earring boy!
  • Momma Raven - Always there for me.
  • Poppa Raven - Also always there for me.
  • Biggest Brother Raven - Dumb Jerk.
  • Middle Brother Raven - Quiet (for a raven), and curious.
  • Youngest Brother Raven - The fellow runt and late hatcher.
  • Sister Raven - The cleverest of the bunch.