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"If you do not fit in the world around you perhaps that is because you were meant to build a new one."

Child of Gaia
Name: Beau Ardour
Birthdate: Feb 14th 2003
Occupation: Mountain Man/Holistic Healer
Nationality: Timber Wolf(Malamute mix?) Native American(Arapaho)
Nature: Visionary
Demeanor: Sage

Auspice: Theurge
Breed: Lupus

Quote: "Open your melon heart and expose the fibers of love."
Themesong: Walk The Moon - Tightrope
The General - Dispatch

Beau stands an unassuming somehow unforgettable five foot nine. What this thin wiry fellow lacks in girth he makes up for in personality. His face is defined by angular clever features that tend to a kind cast. Most would consider his complexion fair but distinctly Native American. The man's very pale slate grey eyes glint with an internal depth; a feral inclination. On his chin Beau wears a perpetual five o'clock stubble which faintly resembles the makings of an early beard.

A hemp hoodie in shades of tan, white and sky blue is worn above loose fitting white linen pants cut into a flattering wide leg. A pair of battered brownish black boots don his feet in cooler months but come summer he's most often found in sandals. He has been known to drape an infinity scarf over his head in a rather rustic manner to ward off the cold. These circular scarves come in variety of shades but Beau seems to prefer a white or dark blue one. It can not be denied that the position of his scarf and overall manner of dress speaks to a pious, earthy nature. Other common adornments include: Wooden beaded jewelry, pewter rings set with semi precious stones and an affable grin.
(App 4 - Genial)
RP Hooks
  • Medicine Man: Mountain Man, Tree hugger- all of the above! If you wander the woods and Mountain trails you might run into this earthy fellow gathering herbs.
  • Being curious! I will roll Wits from time to time for a multitude of reasons. Who knows? Maybe the dice put Beau smack in your business?:)
  • As Garou go Beau is more 'approachable' than most thanks to Merits and various Tribal Gifts. A Child is modest, unassuming, gentle and compassionate. These are bold traits that should never be confused with weakness.
  • City Interloper: This young Lupus does a fine job of looking beautifully out of place downtown.
Relevant Information



  • Billy - The time for action is now!
  • Darla - It was risky... an expectant mother on the battle field. I am glad you made it through that place.
  • Andre - He is blessed by the spirits of this city in ways I may never understand... and damn clever.
  • Donovan - I am developing a Fianna like tolerance for the Galliard.
  • Erik - I cannot be the one who offers you forgiveness...
  • Wenquian - Or maybe the word is unshakable?


  • Andrea - A beautiful whirlwind of a woman.
  • Annabelle - Things have settled. For now... keep him safe.
  • Ayashe - Your eyes are as sharp as the claws of any Garou.
  • Chenoa - She has been touched by the spirits, I can sense it...


  • Cody - My Beta, the road ahead is long and dark but let us be the light for others in this land. Glory to a Brave New World!
  • Ella - There is much to celebrate! Welcome to the family!
  • Wado - Gaia knows he's got a good heart... he just needs guidance.

Those Lost to Time...

  • Ashley - The condemned do not always die in vain. There is a lesson learned in this loss.
  • Dawn - She died fighting with Glory and Honor... yet, I ask, who will speak to the Crocus Heart Mountain now?


  • Supporter: CoG Tribebook; You inspire all around you to greater efforts. Whether by speaking, writing, or leading by example, you give anyone who works with you reason to go on and hope of success. You have a -2 difficulty on Social rolls, and you give any group effort +1 to its total dice pool.
  • Insight: Beau enjoys a -2 diff when 'sniffing' out a lie. All others get a +2 diff when trying to lie to him. Please keep this in mind!

  • Ambidextrous
  • Acute Sense: Hearing and Sense of Smell


  • Curiosity: You find mysteries of any sort irresistible. Whether it's a closed drawer, a whispered conversation, or a mysterious light just beyond the trees, you have to know what is going on at all times. Anytime you are presented with the unknown make a Wits roll, or else you must go investigate. The difficulty varies with the roll involved: 5 for simple things and 9 for intense circumstances.
  • Sign of the Wolf: For Beau this manifests as a white peach fuzz on the inside of his hands in homid. His nails are also rather claw like even in homid and his second/third fingers are the same length. Once a month for two days and two nights during the Waxing crescent the Garou Glyph for the Children of Gaia can be seen etched into his palms as a silverish glowing bit of delicate linework beneath the peach fuzz.

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sky_blue_tan_baja_hoodie_jacket_mexican_poncho_p.jpg d24d81cdb5f6e22662cf1433ce14c2c1.png indian_kife_and_sheath_800x778_1.jpg mens_infinity_scarf_chunky.jpg image.jpg IMG_53255415218551.jpg