Bee Maiden Fairies

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The servants of Queen Maab. The Bee Maiden Faeries are centuries old. Generally child-like in temprament, they do have serious moments when they show their age. They do not share a hive mind with their queen, but do share emotions. If the queen is angry or happy, sad or amorous, terrified or triumphant; the hive will be the same. This also means that they can sense when their Queen is in danger, and she them. The problem with being a bee maiden fairy is that they can not only be affected by the emotions of the queen, but by any other member of the hive. It is difficult to override the determination of Muadnait, the mischeif of Nara, the fury of Aideen, the lust of Dearbhail, or the unconditional love of Orlaith.



Nara Pronunciation: NAR-ə

Meaning: Cheerful

Pheremone: Mischief

"The trickster. The reason the bee maidens get into trouble. Nara has a devil-may-care attitude and turns any situation into a farce. She is generally up to no good. Her humor is infectious and she can generally lead the others to mischief."


AideenBee Pronunciation: Ay-deen

Meaning: Little Fire

Pheremone: Fury

"The soldier. Very protective of the queen and her hive. She is the first to engage hostile fae or chimerae that threaten those she loves. Fiercely overprotective of Orlaith."


Dearbhail Pronunciation: Derville

Meaning: True Desire

Pheremone: Lust

"The wicked. More than happy to join Nara's schemes. Often rebellious toward Maudnait. Dearbhail enjoys seducing unwary kith, kin, or enchanted mortals into the hive where she turns them into willing slaves."


Maudnait Pronunciation: Mwa-naht

Meaning: Little Noble One

Pheremone: Resolve

"The Queen's Hand. By far the most pragmatic and responsible; Maudnait is in charge when the Queen is away. She is the voice of reason, the disciplinarian, and fills a big sister role to the others. She takes responsability for all of their failings even if she had no part in them. She fills a soldier role also when needed."


Orlaith Pronunciation: Or-la

Meaning: Golden

Pheremone: Love

"The Sage. The youngest of the bee maiden fairies. Orlaith would prefer to spend her life between the pages of a book and write down the stories of her sisters and her queen. More timid, shy, and self conscious than the rest, she is often embarrassed by their antics."