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Billy August
"He was lost in the rain and mud of the city. The streets will turn you around; soon, you won't know which way the wind blows or sun rises. You'll look to the night sky, but see nothing but the city lights. Your feet will drag in the mud, and the memory of the prairie will echo like the distant call of a cheap lover beneath your apartment."

Challenges-the-Stars, Uktena Elder

Public Information
Billy August is a former rancher who lived in a reservation outside El Paso, Texas, for most of his life. Seemingly cursed, his wife, children, and most of his friends were killed by a pack of gangsters. Left to wander in isolation, Billy traveled through most of the United States while questioning his humanity and very nature. In 2012, he arrived in Pokoh's Peak and has stayed ever since.

Common Shifter-Information-Only
Billy may be a man who is cursed. After his pack and family were slaughtered by fomori in the same evening, he seemed to lose himself. Retreating from an alpha-mentality to study philosophy, law, literature, and the arts, he eventually emerged as a deeply thoughtful and empathetic individual. It's said he spent a great deal of time with the Children of Gaia; while he definitely didn't join their crusade for peace, they most assuredly gave him a new perspective on life.

Close to twenty years after the tragedy, Billy arrived in Pokoh's Peak. He has declared himself Alpha of the Mistwalker Sept, and has served in that capacity since.

Garou Information Only
Billy isn't known to be a hardliner or much of a traditionalist. Most Garou outside of the Sept, and even some inside of it, consider him a nuisance A brief look at his past reveals that he was once Bloody Knife, a terrifying Philodox who ran his own pack in El Paso. His family was slaughtered by fomori, and after a long period of isolation and travel he renamed himself Bloody Stone. He rescued Baneberry from banishment, and he recruited Borris as a confidant and second-hand-man. After years of searching, he found the Caern of Sorrows alongside the Sept of the Mistwalkers and became its first Alpha.

Since then, Billy has been more of an adviser and teacher. He has tried to encourage other Garou into positions of leadership and importance. He has stood his ground on only a few occasions, and deals out punishment only when it is absolutely necessary.

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