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Bina Gelbfish

"If you kill enough of them, they stop fighting." - LeMay

Biographical Data
Name: Bina Gelbfish
Apparent Age: Mid-Twenties
Occupation: Odd jobs
Nationality: American
Nature: Soldier
Demeanor: Celebrant
Height: 6'
Weight: 145
MBTI: ENTJ - " Commander "

Quote: "Get lost."

Bina blew in to town recently. Her arrival neither welcome or expected. She is both taciturn and brusk in her dealings with others. Bina is most often seen at some of the cheaper gyms in town, performing brutal looking workout routines, or crawling in to a bottle at some of the local dives.

RP Hooks
  • Fighter - Bare knuckle, MMA, if there's blood to be drawn, she's likely to be present, either as a contender or a spectator.
  • Israeli - While she masks it as much as she masks everything else about herself, she is one.
  • Russian - Yet another piece of the onions skin, she was born and bred in one of the most economically depressed portion of Russia.
  • Soldier - They say the biography of a person is written in every move they make, Liraz is no different. Though she conceals it well, whether it's the straightness in her back, or the way her eyes scan every face in the room, she was a soldier, and it shows.
  • Quiet Menace - She just looks.... Mean.
  • Shootist - Can often be found practicing her marksmanship skills alone early in the mornings.
  • Gym Rat - When she's not spraying lead down range, she's working out with rigid regularity and brutal thoroughness.
  • Bar Fly - When she not shooting or working out, she can more often than not, be found crawling in to a bottle some place.
  • She's yet to find any bridges in town, having burned all of her others elsewhere.
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