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"One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain."
‒Bob Marley
Biographical Data
Full Name: Bliss Rives
Date of Birth: July 1st
Apparent Age: 18
Occupation: Manager at THE SOURCE CLUB
Build: Athletic and Curvy
Height: 4'8"
Hair: Variants of Blues
Eyes: Deep Blue

Charisma: ●●●●

Soundtrack: More always coming
Giver K Flay
5AM SomethingALaMode feat. K Flay
Appetite for Comsumption K Flay
Stressed Out Twenty One Pilots
Punish My Love Delta Heavy

THE SOURCE Club: She is the new manager.

Floridian: She is from the state known for Spring Break

A Little Famous: She is an up and coming musician and DJ


With smooth cream skin, rounded jaw, and narrow eyes this young woman lives on the more unorthodox side of society. With curly hair descending to her stomach in the front and lower back behind, the hair is colored a dark blue bordering almost on indigo, fading into more of a cyan in the middle and ending with white tips with just a hint of blue left behind. Her deep blue eyes are framed by dark black lashes emphasized by dark mascara, with a smokey-gray tint on her eyelids.

She has a pierced septum along with the middle of her bottom lip, both housing black piercings, the one on the lip being a simple barbell and the one in the nose being a near complete ring, with a gap centered under the nose proper. Her full lips are tinted a hint of purple outlined in black.

She stands at about 5' with high heels on and has an athletic but curvy build upon her form. Typically she wears a black fish net dress with a metallic blue underlay, both of which hug her form tightly and come to the middle of her thigh. A pair of knee high liquid leather industrial high heeled lace up boots are upon her feet and typically she has a lollipop in her mouth at all times.

Inner Circle

Cyrus - I am glad to be able to hang out again.

Still Researching

Cipher - Fellow one in like-mindedness. I look forward to getthing to know her better

Dorje - Only briefly met, though I am not really much of a tea drinker.

Kismet - Only briefly met as well though seems a bit shy, I think. Could be wrong though.

Xenia - Seems to often be quiet but when something is needed to be said of use, she does speak up.

To Be Wary Of

None Yet