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Borris Sayonovich
"Masters are fighting, servants' forelocks are creaking."

Russian Proverb

Public Information
Borris is from the old U.S.S.R. Once a soldier, he fought for the independence of the Ukraine. Or was it Armenia? The story changes every time! He was forced to flee his home country in the late 1980s and never returned. He's been in Pokoh's Peak for about a year and a half. Oh, and at some point he lost an eye.

Common Shifter-Information-Only

Borris is a Garou of some importance. Formerly a traveler, he's been asked to leave more Septs than most people would consider... comfortable. Reputed to be a Shadow Lord, Borris has been Billy's man for several years. He definitely doesn't sound like the type to settle down forever, though.
Garou Information-Only

Borris has been the Sept Beta since the discovery of the caern. His chiminage was his eye, and he has a strong sense of loyalty to the sept. It isn't a well kept secret that he's ambitious. However, he's never made a move against Billy. Not yet, at least.
Name Borris Sayonovich
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