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Brea Gilman

“When you see something that is not right, not fair, not just, you have to speak up. You have to say something; you have to do something.”

John Lewis

Breanna was born and raised in Pokoh's Peak, daughter to Walter and Mackenzie Gilman. Breanna's parents were founding partners for a prestigious law firm that mostly catered to large corporations who were accused of reckless behavior that endangered or killed customers. Walter Gilman was shot and killed in May 2008 exiting a court house by the parent of a child who was alleged to have died due to a pharmacological company's misdeeds that Walter had successfully defended. Mackenzie raised her daughter alone on the better side of town before Breanna graduated at age 15 and left for school on the East Coast. Ten years later, Breanna is now back in town following the death of her mother in mid-December 2018, though for how long is anyone's guess.
RP Hooks
  • Activist: Breanna was actively involved in causes prior to leaving Pokoh's Peak, from volunteering at homeless shelters to being actively engaged in social causes and vocally opposing the sort of clients her parents used to defend.
  • Over-achiever: Breanna was one of those 'perfect' students in school, made more nauseating by the fact she skipped multiple grades. Perhaps you were in any one of the clubs back in the high school days.
  • Mathematics and Physics: Despite her young age, Breanna attended MIT and obtained dual Bachelors and Masters degrees in mathematics and physics.
  • College: Occasionally Breanna may appears sitting in the back of a lecture hall in a wide variety of subjects, from science to literature or art history. It's not clear if she is a student or not, though if she is, what her schedule is, and how she manages without attending every class, is anyone's guess.
  • Recent Returnee: Breanna returned to Pokoh's Peak on Christmas Day, 2018. While she was born and has lived her until she was 15, the city is not the same as she remembers. Did you know her prior to leaving when she was 15? Like reminiscing about how things have changed in the city over the last ten years?
  • Lyra - Newly met.
  • Durin - Next round is on me, or I owe you two rounds.
  • Analise - Infinite Diversity In Infinite Combinations, same goal.
  • Simon - You're going to kill my liver.
  • Natalie - Newly met.
  • Fern - You're late.
  • Kiki - Seriously, get vaccinated.
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Name Annabelle Breanna Gilman
Occupation Affluent Student
Nature  ??
Demeanor Thrillseeker
Height 5'4"
Eye Color Murky Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Apparent Age Early to Mid-20's