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Biographical Data
Name: Brian Michael Reilly
Birthdate: August 13, 1991
Occupation: CBI Agent
Nationality: American
Nature: Character's Nature
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Brian moved here not that long ago from New York to work for CBI. Fresh out of college, this is his first job in law enforcement.

RP Hooks
  • LAW ENFORCEMENT: Are you another law enforcement professional? If so, we have something in common and may have even crossed paths.
  • CRIMINAL: If you are part of the criminal element, you may be known to me.
  • MUSIC: Brian -loves- music of all sorts. If you're a famous musician, he probably has heard of you. Are you a not so famous musician? He still might be a fan. Brian likes to sing karaoke, and can be found browsing record shops.
  • RP hook 4
  • IC Pal 1
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