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Full Name: Bridger John Cameron
Date of Birth: 11th of November
Height/Weight: 6'/160
Hair/Eyes: Light brown/Mostly green
Primary: Art Student
Medium: Painter

Plus Info:

Bridger was born in Denver and recently relocated to Pokoh's Peak where he will be attending Chilcott University in the Fall of 2019. He received a full scholarship into the BFA program at CU and works with a variety of different paints to create his style. Some refer to him as an Urban Artist, but he prefers the freedom to explore without claiming a niche.


University - Bridger's enrolled at Chilcott so UC RP would be... chill. Heh.
Inebriation - He loves to party and still has a few months before classes.
Harley D's - Got a Harley? Bridger loves motorcycles, but Harley Davidsons specifically.
Art - Anything art will get his motor running.
Music - Bridger's old school with his musical tastes, which goes well with his general stoner vibe, man.