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xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx “Honey, you’re 300 sandwiches away from an engagement ring!”
About the Woman

Fresh in from Leinster, Ireland, Brooke is an ER nurse down at the hospital. With one blue eye and one green, she's marked by heterochromia, though it's not her most prominent feature. That is probably a tie between her incredibly long red hair or her feisty temperament.

So many things to do!

  • ER Nurse at the hospital. Need a boo-boo kissed? I can do it! I may even have Hello Kitty and Sponge Bob bandaids.
  • Adventures! She loves to be outdoors and getting into mischief. She's an all-weather friend.
  • Dogs! Need a puppy? She has eleven of the wriggly little boogers to rehome - but she's keeping the mama.
  • Drinking! And she runs a small still in her closet to make some homestyle poteen.
  • Sammiches. Duff says they are the best around.


Diminuitive in size at a meager five-foot-three, Brooke seems determined to make up for it with a bright, vivacious nature. Butt length hair is a rich auburn hue and her eyes are mismatched in color - one bright green and the other a brilliant blue. She's short and curvy, softly feminine in all the right ways.

Knee high equestrian style black boots are paired with comfortable, well worn jeans and a one-size-too-small black t-shirt. Over this, she wears a comfortable black leather jacket of a feminine cut. Her hair is most often worn back in a tight french braid.

(App: 5, Charisma: 4)

So many friends .. men .. and enemies

Kris -

So many things to do!


  Full Name: Brooke Killough
  Date of Birth: 4-20-1992
  Place of   Birth: Leinster, Ireland
  Occupation: Nurse
  Nature: Survivor
  Demeanor: Conformist
  Height: 5'3"
  Weight: 130
  Hair: Very long, dark red
  Eyes: Blue and green