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General Maneuvers/Situations

Abort Action

Any character may abort if they have not already used their action, by rolling WP vs 6, or spending a WP. They may abort only to Defensive Maneuvers, which are covered below.


When shooting at a target who is moving no faster than a walk, you may use the Aim maneuver. Each turn you use the Aim maneuver you gain +1 dice to a single shot at the aimed-upon target. You may gain a number of dice equal to your perception in this manner. If you have a scope, you add an additional +2 when aiming that stacks with the perception bonus.


Dex+stealth vs 6 opposed by perception+alertness vs 6. If the attacker gets more successes, they get one free attack. If they beat the defender in the stealth roll by more than 1, add those extra successes to the attack die pool. Then combat resumes normally.


Getting behind cover applies penalties in ranged combat. The person -using- the cover gets 1 less diff of penalty. These modifiers are -cumulative-. Thus, if one person is in a pillbox, and the other is prone, they both have a +3 diff to hit the other.

  • Light Cover (Prone, bushes): +1 to be hit, +0 to hit
  • Good Cover (Behind Wall): +2 to be hit, +1 to hit
  • Superior Cover (Only head exposed): +3 to be hit, +2 to hit


+1 die to attack rolls.


A character may chose to walk, jog, or run. If walking, a character moves at 7 yards per turn. If jogging, a character moves at 12+dexterity yards per turn. If all-out running, a character moves at 20+<3*dexterity> yards per turn.
Characters may move up to half maximum running speed then subsequently attack or perform another action. Characters may also wish to move -while- taking another action. This is possible, but each yard moved subtracts one from the other action's dice pool. Other maneuvers such as leaping or tumbling may be considered separate actions based upon their complexity.

Multiple Actions/Splitting Dice

If you declare multiple actions, subtract dice from the first dice pool equal to the total number of actions taken. Each subsequent action loses an additional die (cumulative). If a character performs -only- defensive maneuvers in a turn, see 'Desperate Defense' maneuver. Powers such as Celerity operate independent of this rule.

Multiple Shots

As per Multiple Actions to a maximum of the weapon's Rate of Fire.


The range on a firearm's listing is its short range. All attacks made at that range are standard diff. Twice that listed number is Maximium Range, and is diff +2. Two Meters or less is diff -2.

Rear Attack

+2 dice to attack rolls.


Reloading takes the character's concentration and a turn to complete. It may be done as part of a multiple action.


Aiming for a specific spot not only adjusts diff and damage, but may bypass armor or have other special effects, based upon ST discretion.

  • Medium - (Limb, briefcase) +1 diff, no damage change.
  • Small - (Hand, head, computer) +2 diff, +1 damage.
  • Precise - (Eye, Heart, Lock) +3 diff, +2 damage.

Weapon Length

A permutation of Close Combat, if someone has a Sword, Staff, or other weapon that gives them a notable reach advantage, someone using a shorter weapon, such as claws, fists, daggers, must sacrifice 1 die when attacking due to needing to dart in to strike without getting bludgeoned/hacked to kibble.

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