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Ranged Combat Maneuvers

Automatic Fire

The shooter empties the entire clip at a single target. Magazine/Clip must be at least half-full to use this attack. Recoil makes it a bitch.
Pool: Dexterity+Firearms+10
Diff: +2
Damage: As per a single shot with the gun.

Quick Draw

Pull your gun from a holster without using an action. It must be from an open holster and only usable on revolvers, pistols, and machine pistols.
Pool: Dexterity+Firearms
Diff: Normal
Special: If you declare a quick draw, and roll three successes on the quick draw, you pull the gun from its holder without taking a physical action. If you do not get three successes on the roll, it takes the normal action.


Like full-auto, with one difference. The attacker divides the successes on the attack roll between all the targets in a designated area no larger than three yards. If only one target is in the area, then only half the successes affect him. If fewer successes are rolled than there are targets, then 1 success is assigned per target until out of successes to assign. Then damage is rolled on each target hit after dodge attempts. Dodge rolls against Strafing are at +1 difficulty.
Pool: Dexterity+Firearms+10
Diff: +2
Damage: As per a single shot from the gun.

Three-Round Burst

Uses 3 shots from the clip.
Pool: Dexterity+Firearms+2
Diff: +1
Damage: As per a single shot from the gun.

Two Gun Mojo

Firing a pair of guns at once. As per multiple actions.
Pool: Dexterity+Firearms
Diff: +1 to off-hand
Damage: As per gun.

Hollywood Shooting

This is done by dumb-shits who think the Gangstas know how to shoot by holding the gun sideways. This has several drawbacks. First, on a botch, the gun automatically jams, and the gun jerks so badly that you lose 1 die on all pools the next turn. The other flaws are in mechanics. On the plus side, it looks really really cool. Supposedly.
Pool: Dexterity+Firearms-1
Diff: +1
Damage: As per gun.

Flamethrower Spray

This is just what it sounds like. Spraying an area with a flamethrower. Each success on the attack roll hits an additional target, or hits them more squarely. Damage is not rolled for this Maneuver. Dodges against it are at +1 difficulty, and if it is not dodged, it does 1 automatic level of aggravated fire damage, -AND- the target catches on fire.
Pool: Dexterity+Firearms+10
Diff: 5
Damage: Special

Dragon's Breath

It can only be used by pump action or breach shotguns (or the double barrel shotgun). It is a gout of flame 100 feet long (although not very wide, regardless of choke). It does 6 damage dice if it hits of fire. Furthermore, if the damage is not soaked, it does one level of fire damage per unsoaked damage (so if three dice got through armor the first hit, it would do three levels of fire damage the next round) until the magnesium shards are removed. Which would be a dexterity + medicine roll diff 8 per shard. One has to make an immediate Courage diff 6 roll for Rotschreck, if a vampire.

The bad news - unless the barrel is specifically designed by a gunsmith (not easy, and not inexpensive). firing five Dragon's Breath rounds ruins the barrel, and the gun can no longer be operated. Also, semi-automatic or automatic shotguns can only fire one shell before breaking (the low pressure of the round prevents the round from ejecting, and destroys the firing pin).

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