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Vampire-Specific Rules


Vampires do not take damage like other creatures. Any damage they take is marked as 'normal' damage after soak is rolled. However, some complications exist.
Bashing: All Bashing damage is halved, rounded down, after soak.
Firearms: Bullets rely on hydrostatic shock to bring down a target, overall, and vampires are quite dead. Firarms damage does Bashing to vampires.
Fire: Vampires are cursed to incredible vulnerability to flame. Fire does agg, no matter what. Let the Sorcerers and Magi rejoice.
Sunlight: The most notorious bane of the undead, sunlight is even worse than fire.

Normal damage is healed at a rate of 1 blood point per health level.
Aggravated damage is healed at a rate of 5 blood points. For all additional points of Agg healed past the first in an evening there is a cost of one willpower per level.


If a stake is driven through a vampire's heart (Dexterity + Melee), the heart itself must be targetted (Diff 9), and the attack must inflict 3 levels of damage. The vampire is paralyzed but conscious, and may only use the Auspex Discipline, though if they have Auspex 5 and certain other disciplines, they -may- be able to get out of it. However, they do not have the ability to spend blood points while staked.

Gobbet Rend

This brutal combat maneuver was designed to cripple other vampires. It's effects upon mortals is almost universally fatal in short order. Upon success, the target loses an immediate blood point with all the prerequisite problems (and level of Lethal damage for the living) that goes with it. This attack is GORY, and is a breach of the Masquerade if witnessed.
Prerequisites: Potence 2 or Protean 2, Kindred Lore 2 or Brujah Lore 2, or Gangrel Lore 1
Pool: Dexterity+Brawl
Diff: +2
Damage: Strength (Lethal) for Potence or Strength+1 (Agg) for Protean

Pull Fangs

This is simply the vampire ripping out his opponent's fangs. A fangless vampire cannot use 'The Kiss' or the Bite maneuver.
Prequisite: Potence 2
Pool: Dexterity+Brawl-2
Diff: +3
Damage: 1 Aggravated level.

Trap Blade

This seemingly foolish tactic has long been favored of the Ventrue. They -allow you- to run them through on a bladed weapon or a spear, enduring the injury with blood and Fortitude, healing the wound around your weapon and flexing to hold it in place within them. The vampire rolls soak as normal, and if they soak -all- the damage, or soak all but the amount they can heal in a single round, the blade's wielder must make an opposed strength roll to pull the blade out. The vampire using 'Trap Blade' is free to attack normally (at a penalty of +1 diff) while the victim is trying to reclaim their weapon.
Prequisites: Fortitude 3, Kindred Lore 3 or Ventrue Lore 1

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