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Wraith-Specific Rules

Incorporeal Combat

This simple combat maneuver is simple. The wraith merely steps into a skinland object, to get Incorporeal for rounds equal to their stamina. high-dot wraiths constantly use this maneuver and it is very common in the Spooks and Sandmen.
While Incorporeal, you cannot be harmed by physical attacks from any object. The Incorporeal wraith can only use Arcanos to deal damage during this maneuver.

Shroud-Cross Dodge

This maneuver requires at least Puppetry 1 or Inhabit 1. The wraith uses Skin/Shellride and crosses the shroud. While in this manner, they are invulnerable unless the possessed object/person is destroyed. Since many wraiths will not go to such lengths, this provides Fair Escape as well.
The maneuver allows the wraith to cross across the shroud with excessive speed. Note, that they must declare this action in the declaration stage of Initiative, as willpower to abort is not an option for this maneuver.

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