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Name: Kabil "Cabe" Rai
Birthdate: December 21, 1980
Occupation: Associate Professor of Linguistics
Nationality: Mexican
Demeanor: Celebrant
Played by: João Caneco

The Bird: Captain Redbeard
Species: Scarlet Macaw
Demeanor: Bon Vivant
Liquor: Rum!
Fruit: Limes... in Patron
Themesong: Aboard The Good Ship Venus - Poxy Boggards (Explicit)

Cabe is an Associate Professor of Linguistics working at the local university as a teaching assistant while completing his doctoral studies. Originally from the Yucatan, he's traveled all over Central and South America. Along the way he picked up a foul-mouthed macaw with a taste for rum and an eye for the ladies. Known to moonlight as a private translator, Cabe can often be found at high stakes poker and pai gow games. He's married to a documentarian by the name of Ravi Rai.

Plot Hooks
  • Alphabet Soup - Were you ever in the US Military? FBI? CIA? NSA? KGB? FSB? Shin-Bet? Page me.
  • Gambling - Are you a high roller from China, Russia, or the Middle East in need of a translator?
  • Southbound - Do you travel extensively in South/Central America?
  • The Bird - A rather lewd and lascivious macaw is usually on Cabe's shoulder or nearby.
  • Translation - Do you need business contracts translated or a professional translator?
  • University - Cabe teaches several languages at the university.
  • Ravi - Cabe's husband.
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"That better be Patron in me flagon."
Redbeard 01.jpg

"Yarr, wench, fetch me RUM!"'