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Cain Moreno

"Emotional disconnection is the true weapon of the assassin. View everything from the eyes of God.”
—Someone Cool

Name: Cain Moreno
Date of Birth: April 1, 1994
Apparent Age: 20's
Nationality Brazilian
Occupation: Generic Engineering Major
Nature: Predator
Demeanor: Autist
Current Soundtrack: Oh no! - Marina and the Diamonds

What You Might Know

  • Student: Cain is a student at the university. A genetic engineering major. He is within his second year so far, and he really hasn't gotten around campus still to be well known. No really extracurricular activities, his living situation is a mystery. People on campus usually find him to be a bit odd.
  • Aspergers: Socially, Cain exhibits many of the symptoms of a developmental disorder called Aspergers syndrome. It makes his social interactions a bit on the awkward side, and is rather diconcerting to those that encounter him.
  • Alexithymia: Alexithymia is a personality construct characterized by the subclinical inability to identify and describe emotions in the self. The core characteristics of alexithymia are marked dysfunction in emotional awareness, social attachment, and interpersonal relating. Furthermore, people with alexithymia have difficulty in distinguishing and appreciating the emotions of others, which is thought to lead to unempathic and ineffective emotional responding. Clinically, Cain "suffers" from a form of this condition. It's been his diagnosis as far as science is concerned.
  • Curious: Cain has a curiosity that is very difficult to miss. People interest him, and he can watch them for hours on end.

What You Don't Know Unless You Know

  • One of Mother’s Chosen: Cain was born in the wilds of Brazil, and picked to be a servant to the wise Mother. He was trained to hone his natural instincts for the sake of Mother’s plan. And his role is to eliminate corruption like a surgical scalpel. He is very devout to following Mother’s will, and lacks the emotional upbringing that human are fostered with. But he is learning how to at least chameleon.

“Seeing a spider is not the problem. It becomes a problem when it disappears.”

  • Sicarius: A student in the day, Cain’s natural life is what he is within the shadows. He is a killer, born and bred; a vicious and effective predator that takes no glee or pleasure out of the action. He kills because he is supposed to. And thusly he makes a living off of it. A contract killer for higher, Cain is the individual to call upon when one wants someone who will do the job that not everyone can. Cain makes no reservations: man, woman, child, innocent or guilty. It matters not, a job is a job and a mark is a mark. Once he takes a job, nothing short of treachery can lift him to cancel. His arachnid methods make it easy for him to make a target disappear without a trace. He was born a breed of phoneutria nigriventer and has preyed on members of his own spider species ontop of Portia fimbriata; making him an effective spider. Something his contractors often forget is that Cain does have the ability to refuse a job. And that is that.

“We all have the power in our hands to kill. Most are afraid to use it. Those that aren’t afraid, control life itself.”

  • Pest Control: It was Cain’s duty to eliminate cancerous entities and beings that have no significant impact on existence. Meaning, he eradicates wastes of space. You’ve seen videos and read articles about individuals of a certain caliber causing disruption, spewing hatred, bigotry, and general committing appalling things for the sake of entitlement or some other heinous reason. These people are his prey. He may get contracted to go after specific individuals, but when it comes to finding food, Cain finds these people, weighs their relevance to society, and in most cases, makes them disappear. If he were to leave any traces, he may be considered a boogey man for the bad seeds.

“While you are mature enough to realize that there are consequences to your actions, you have let the illusion of entitled power twist your conscience. You have gone on believing that you can continue to be a volatile stain upon others without repercussions; delusions of invulnerability. You could not be more incorrect. Go ahead, you have seconds for life contemplation, and/or screaming, if you wish...”


  • Viktor - Employer. That is all.
  • Abel - Counterbalance. Chaos to my Order. The surest test of facing myself.
  • Gabriel - Exception. My greatest weakness. I am his greatest strength.
  • Hazen - Disappointing. There were expectations. They were not met.
  • Itsy - Unique. An essential part of Mother’s design. He looks up to me.
  • Aldulfr - Deceased. It was expected.
  • Darius - Intriguing in what he can do. Curious to know more. Likely useful.
  • Neena - Liability. Should she not evolve, she will be his heel. However…
  • River - Liability. Too much heart. Yet bravery as well. Indeterminable.
  • Dawn - Unpropitious. A lapse in judgement caused her fall. She had potential.
  • Gavin - Useful. An untapped font of possibilities.
  • Donovon - Meritorious. Capable of rationality. Nothing on my level, but impressive all the same.
  • Kendra - Unfortunate. It was her emotions and thereforre her doubt that ended her.
  • Beau - Eccentric. A leader yet not a warrior. Lacking much in way of combat. There are very few of this type.
  • Musaphir - Inconsistent. His unpredictability is inconvenitent.
  • Ayashe - Circumspection. She is a bird. Birds have their uses. Birds also have their risks.

xxxxxCain is, by nature, a very secretive and solitary individual. His upbringing was so isolated that he scarcely is fettered by regular emotions. Most people have broad lists of priorities and restrictions that determine their behavior. They care about what other people think of them, how they will be able to feed themselves in the future, the well-being of friends and family, their worldly goods, etc. etc. Of course how much they care about any given restriction or priority varies from person to person, but in general, they don't have any one given goal for which they would throw everything else away. Cain is unlike most people in this aspect. Cain is someone who can commit himself to a single goal completely, absolutely, and unflinchingly. In pursuit of a goal he often has no limits, inhibitions, or fear. Nothing chains him or holds him back. You cannot make him flinch or falter. He normally cannot be intimidated, blackmailed, coerced, or otherwise convinced to back off from achieving his goal, unless given cold hard, logical facts. There is no sacrifice he is unwilling to make or principle he is unwilling to compromise.
xxxxxSo sheltered was his upbringing that Cain lacks many of the firsts that most people develop through. First kisses, first dances, first many things that make us social. And to some degree, Cain is not defeated or upset over this condition. There is a rapt curiosity about them, sure. But Cain is content with whatever focused duty he has placed himself upon, and all else becomes secondary. But it is possible that somewhere in there, there is a degree of personality that has yet to be unlocked and nurtured.


  • Aggressive: If you look up the word “aggressive” in the dictionary, these are the definitions you’ll find:

xxxxx1. characterized by or tending toward unprovoked offensives, attacks, invasions, or the like; militantly forward or menacing

xxxxx2. making an all-out effort to win or succeed; competitive

xxxxx3. vigorously energetic, especially in the use of initiative and forcefulness Of the three definitions, the first is most popular in modern culture. Something unprovoked, out of line. Notice how often “overly” precedes “aggressive” in common parlance. Aggression may also bring to mind military policies a person does not agree with. In general it has a negative connotation.

xxxxxBut true aggression should be thought of in the context of the second of the two dictionary entries. Effort. Energy. Initiative. Force. Aggression is a neutral tool that can be harnessed for either ill or good. How it is channeled makes all the difference. A man who does not harness his aggression at all picks a fight with everyone and about everything; his relationships fail and he is stunted in his personal development. The man who reins in his aggression too much becomes the stereotypical weenie Nice Guy–proper aggression turns into passive aggression. He is too “polite” to go after what he wants, and he’s seething inside because of it. Cain harnesses his aggression as the force that pushes him to compete to be the best and moves him ever forward towards his goals.

  • Mindful: The mindfulness of the Cain is two-fold. First, he is always alert and awake, ever vigilant. He has keen situational awareness. He never lets complacency lull him to sleep; instead, he is always watching, observing, studying, and planning. Secondly, Cain is mindful of the finiteness of life and the inevitably of death, and he purposefully contemplates that death. His courage is rooted in the fact that he is not afraid to die. Life’s shortness brings clarity to his mind. He knows that any minute could be his last so he makes every day and decision count.
  • Adaptable: When Cain up against great odds, he bucks convention and uses his cleverness and his strategic intelligence to find creative ways to turn the tide in his favor. He is an efficient fighter–he studies the weaknesses of his opponents and concentrates his strikes there. He is flexible and able to respond to change by shifting tactics on the fly.
  • Minimalist: The key to successful warfare is the fighter’s ability to travel light. While the traditional force has power in its superior resources, those resources also weigh and slow them down. Cain strips away all superfluities and excess baggage; he carries only what he needs and is thus quick and nimble, able to be two steps ahead of the enemy.
  • Decisive: In times of peace or crisis, whether for big things or small, Cain is able to boldly make decisions. He doesn’t stand there shilly-shally, wondering what he should do, scared of choosing the wrong option. He is calm and cool under pressure. Once he makes a decision, he unhesitatingly moves on it because he does not live in regret. Cain is able to be so decisive because he trains so thoroughly for these moments; he is prepared. He thinks about all possible contingencies and what he would do in each situation before the crisis arrives. When the crisis does come, his mind and body already instinctively know what to do.
  • Skillful: Part of Cain’s confidence in his decisions is rooted in his supreme competence. Cain has absolute mastery of the tools of his trade; the tools that enable him to reach his goal. He has developed skill with the ‘weapons’ he uses to implement his decisions.
  • Disciplined: Cain has mastered himself in body and mind. His power is rooted in self-control. He knows when to be aggressive and how aggressive to be. He is the master of his energies, releasing them and pulling them back as he chooses. Cain understands his limits; he takes calculated instead of unnecessary risks. His discipline also frees him of a fear of pain. Feeble, mediocre men believe all pain is bad. Cain knows there is bad pain and good pain. He is willing, even eager to withstand psychological and physical pain on the path to his goals.
  • Emotionally Detached: To complete his mission, Cain must be emotionally detached–from the fear and doubt generated by his own feelings, from the intimidation and taunts emanating from his enemy, and from the “shoulds” and demands put on him by those close to him. Cain needs the kind of mental clarity that only comes from single-minded purpose, or ‘room to swing his blade’.
  • Creative Destroyer: Cain has an archetype for destruction. However, in his fullness only destroys in order to “make room for something new and fresh and more alive.” His is an act of creative destruction–he doesn’t tear things down simply for the pleasure of doing so.
  • Loyal: Cain’s loyalties are to something beyond and other than himself and his own concerns. Cain’s loyalty centers on “a cause, a god, a people, a task, a nation–larger than individuals.” Cain has a “central commitment” around which he organizes his life. His life’s purpose is rooted in ideals and principles, which naturally strips away superfluities and pettiness and brings his life great meaning.

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