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"And they say I'm strange."

Biographical Data
Name: Calamity. Just Calamity.
Birthdate: March 7
Occupation: Homeless Wild Child
Nationality: Irish American
Nature: Seer
Demeanor: Wild Child

Quote: I'm not stupid. I just know different things.
Themesong: Disturbed - The Light
Quote: I like to get along with everyone. It's safer that way. For everyone, I mean.

She's a pretty young thing, Black Irish by the looks of those bright green eyes. She seems to have gotten a job or found some means of subsistence, because she's been seen wearing proper clothing every so often around town, though she can still be found occasionally wearing her buckskin pants and vest.

RP Hooks
  • She can almost always be found near Monument Park, cleaning it up or yelling at raccoons.
  • She sometimes wanders by the Trade Winds. Before it was blown up.
  • She has a lot of knowledge about the Ute medicine man traditions. Like, A LOT.
  • Andrea - My second friend!
  • Maya - She gave me a light to fight the darkness.
  • Taylor - She is beautiful. But now I know that what lies beneath isn't emptiness, but a hungry darkness.
  • Hideaki - He is like one of those medieval knights. Strong, brave, but possessed of a hell of a blind spot.
  • Sharp - He's dead.
  • Uthur - Bye.
  • Mystis - Bye.
  • Evan - Bye.
  • Omar - He is kind and very handsome.
  • Hannah - Where'd she go?
  • Lemon - Guess the crazy was too much for him. Shame.
  • Lottie - I'll watch for mermaids.
  • Cabe - I like your bird.
  • Tye - Survive, my brother.
  • Magdalena - Stay out of people's heads.
  • Wyatt - I miss you. You were very brave, but you blew up too much.
  • Nuru - Very nice and great sense of style!
  • Moira - Never trust anyone who doesn't want you to see their real face.
  • Jolon - Hi, Ute-buddy!
  • Cody - At least you stopped eventually, woodchuck. You know better.
  • Ayashe - (Known only as Juvenile Raven) You fly well, and you tried to help. Thank you for that.
  • Tafne - What the hell, FIREBALLS?
  • Lee - Next time, maybe look before you slaughter?
  • Faithe - I am glad you survived.
  • Meyer - Wounded animals are the most dangerous.
  • Pini - I'm glad you're okay.
  • LeSeur - Leadership requires trust in those who lead. Don't disappoint.
  • John - You confuse me sometimes.
  • Adalina - I hate politics.
  • Silvia - Blind, my ass.
  • Anton - Who's a liar? You a liar!
  • Zora - Uh huh.
  • Emilie - You're going to namedrop my own sire at me? Really?
  • William - You and Robert are welcome here. Because I say so.
  • Jean-Jacques - Proving useful and intelligent already. Let's hope the curse is broken.