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"Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve." –Napoleon Hill
'"The mind is everything. What you think you become." –Buddha

Who She Is:
Name: Calliope Evangeline Kendrick
Nicknames: Cali
Occupation: Model and Public Relations Director of Aviato
Age: 22
Height: 5'5"
Nature: Visionary
Demeanor: Gallant
Played By: Olive Wilde
Birthdate: August 17th 1992
Nationality: British

A Glimpse
Calliope is a Socialite. She shines her brightest when in a social situation. She works for her father who is the founder and CEO of Aviato Motors. They deal in the manufacturing and selling of luxury, hybrid, sports cars that cater to the rich and famous. Cali is also a model, appearing on my magazine covers and billboards and red carpets globally. It's not abnormal to see her amazing eyes staring up at you from a cover of Vogue while you wait in line at the checkout counter or seeing her face on the red carpets of award shows holding the arm of some rich a famous fella. As the face of her father's company she is known for hosting extravagant parties and events to make a better name for Aviato.
  • Alexander - You claimed to be honorable yet you turn your back on the purest of gifts out there for a fling. I do not see this as honorable.
  • Darius - You are now my teacher. Let us see what I can learn from you and teach you in the process. I am pleased we reconnected.
  • Darla - Jolon's fiance.
  • Gavin - Genetics is a fascinating field. I enjoy speaking with you.
  • Giles - A man from my homeland, You are nice but I do not get to see you much.
  • Josh - We have met several times by chance. I find you entertaining, intelligent and an all around pleasure to be around.
  • Maya - I love you like a sister. I wish we saw more of each other.
  • Musaphir - What an interesting man you are. You seem very serious and passionate about your work. Maya is quite fond of you so you must be a man of rare and admirable character. I hope I can know you more.
  • River - You have no honor. I believe you are gone from this town and I hope you never return. He has taken over what you left and will make it so much better than you ever could.
  • Roxanne - You are like a cooling wind on a hot summer's day. You are welcoming and kind. I enjoy my time with you very much.
  • Jacob - My protector, my rock, my teacher, my partner, my love.
  • Jolon - A giant of a man but a gentle giant. Your kindness for others speaks volumes. You are my brother.
  • Evan - My dear Mr. Eliot.You have been such a blessing in our lives. We are honored to call you friend.
  • Rafferty - We are bonded and I hope that bond grows strong.Thank you for all you do for me and the respect you show my relationship.
  • Percival - You poor man. You are blinded by manipulation and it will tear you down and turn you into something you do not want to be. Please wake up from that spell before it's to late.
  • Holler - Doctor, you are brilliant and your ideas are inspiring. Oh the wonderful things you can do.
  • Kendra- You are strong and are better off without him. You are a woman of honor who was treated horribly. I am glad to see you rise above the crimes that were done to you by them.
  • Diamond- I am still unsure of what to think of you. One moment you are rude and emotional, the next you are kind and giving the next you keep the company of men who attack others.
  • Christy- I am unsure of you. You seem kind and in a way I like you but you may be to much for me to handle in a public setting. You are a free spirit and that is to be admired.
  • Donovan- Are you a lady's man or is that just a show?
  • Soot- Beneath my notice.
  • Nuru - What a lovely you are! You are welcoming and kind and generous. I am honored to call you friend.
  • Meave - Modesty is a good trait to learn. You are a talented singer.
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More Pictures

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