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Poetry is prose bewitched, a music made of visual thoughts, the sound of an idea.

(Mina Loy, The Lost Lunar Baedeker)

Do you believe, she went on, that the past dies?
Yes, said Margaret. Yes, if the present cuts its throat.

(Leonora Carrington, The Seventh Horse And Other Tales)
Full Name: Prof. Cara Fletcher
Apparent Age: late 20s
Profession: Comparative Literature Professor at Chilcott University
Demeanor: Child
Fame: Author of many journal articles on Surrealist poetry, and a book of literary criticism, Defiant Delicacy: The Surrealism of Mina Loy and Leonora Carrington
Played By: Jamie Alexander
Music: Spotify playlist; ‘Paper Bag Princess’, Digital Daggers; 'September Song' - Hinkstep; 'Game of Survival' - Ruelle

Plot Hooks

Cara is a newly-arrived Comparative Literature Professor at Chilcott University, specialising in twentieth-century poetry and literary surrealism. She also teaches creative writing, and wants to run workshops in the community, and to perform and read poetry by some of the writers she adores.

Art Galleries
Cara’s research focuses heavily on early twentieth-century surrealism. She enjoys contemporary art, too!

Craft Store
Cara is an enthusiastic amateur calligrapher, and visits crafts shops to seek supplies.


“On the outskirts of our sad savage town, I was overcome by a feeling of profound melancholy,
though I fought it off by stuffing a large amount of jasmine essence up my nose.”

- Leonora Carrington, The Seventh Horse And Other Tales

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