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"Life's a bitch and so am I"

Green Day "The Grouch"


Cassandra is a student at Chilecott University who happens to work as a dancer to help pay her way through college. Who she really is beyond that though is hard to peg down. Sometimes she seems vibrant and social, a very warm personality. Other times, she seems cold and dark, avoiding everyone and possibly depressed.

RP Hooks
  • Mark's Showplace - Looking for a good time? Cassandra's a dancer there.
  • University - Cassandra's a student at the university, and if you are too, you might recognize her.
  • Gothic Fashion - Rarely seen outside of her Victorian style apparel, maybe you're attracted just by how she looks.

Taylor - Well, aren't we the interested party? Interesting club though.

Jacob - So easy to make blush. You'd think he'd never heard cocktail names before.

Mystis - Fawn's kind of the den mom to all us dancers at the club.

Maeve - Short, gay, and looking for a fun time. Yet I feel awkward around you.

Uthur - Who?

Samuel - Damn religious zealots.

Aliases Luna, Spunky
Occupation College Student, Exotic Dancer
Nature Survivor
Demeanor Deviant
Height 5'0"
Weight None of your damn business.
Eye Color Amber
Hair Color Black
Apparent Age Early to mid 20's