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Character page policy:

Character pages, while a reflection of your character, are also a reflection of our game. If 3 of the Wizards of the game find an image or text posted a poor reflection of Sheltering Sky, it will be removed.

Please keep in mind, if you post something, it does become OOC public knowledge. If you have it posted you are a Vampire or Shifter or whatever, and people talk about it OOC, that is the price for posting the information. They CAN NOT use the information ICly unless they have ICly been told or through RP/rolls found it out.

If you would like your character page, please +request on game. Please include an email address where you will receive a randomly generated Wiki password and confirmation of your account. We will set you up with a username as close to your character name as possible. (Due to spam issues, we have had to lock down account creation on the wiki itself, so an admin of the wiki has to generate it for you.) (Please avoid giving us an email address from aol, msn, or hotmail as they have a block that will not allow the email with the temp password to enter mail or spam.)

Here are some sample Templates for those not as Wiki Savvy:
Character Template 1
Character Template 1A
Character Template 2
Character Template 3
Character Template 4
Character Template 5
Character Template 6

The Current Categories have wiki pages with specific data. Feel free to add your categories to your wiki page. This is optional, not required.

To aid you from making a twin of another player, there is a list of Played By actors and actresses.
To aid you in developing a concept, there is a list of Professions from characters that have wikis.