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Brief History of the Ute tribe for Pokoh's Peak
The Ute people are the oldest residents of Colorado. According to the tribal history, the people lived here since the beginning of time. The Ute people were nomads who lived off the land.

As the Utes traveled the vast area of the Great Basin, large bands would breakup into smaller family units that were much more mobile. Camps could be broken down faster making travel from one location to another a more efficient process. they only took what they required, never over harvesting game or wild plants. They used all parts of the animals they hunted. Hides were used for shelter coverings, clothing, and moccasins. Their craft work from tanned hides, baskets, and quillwork were prized and sought after trade items.

In the winter months, the large bands would gather together again to share supplies and provide better defense from enemy tribes in the harsh months. During this time, stories would be told about their travels, social, and religious events. They would repair tools, weapons, and make new clothes for summer.

Winter camps would break in the spring with the observance of the Bear Dance. This would also be time when marriages were negotiated. 15th century - Ute trails were used by the Spanish explorers when they were sent to explore the uninhabited areas of Texas and New Mexico, claiming vast lands for their Spanish rulers.

16th century - As the Spanish advanced more into Ute territory, their customs, livestock, and language began to influence the Ute people. The diseases that were brought and assaults upon the tribes decimated the population of the Ute people. The Catholic priest who set up the Spanish mission proved his worth to the Ute people as he assisted the non-combatants and saved many individuals. Contact with the European was to end a way of life the Ute people had known for centuries.

17th century - Trade began with the Spanish people; even though conflict continued. Ute from more southern areas were captured and forced to work as slaves. When the captives escaped, they brought horses to the Ute tribes; increasing their ability to hunt. Towards the end of the century, the Ute people proved themselves a fierce warriors. Encounters with the Spanish began to occur more frequently as trade and bartering increased.

18th century - Ute and Comanche tribes began peace negotiations to ensure peace, but ended up in a fifty year war.

19th century - The US government began taking away rights to the lands and forcing the Ute people onto reservations. The great Ute Chief Ouray went to Washington with his wife Chipeta to try and stop the relocation of his tribe. His great skill at diplomacy led to the first successfully arranged treaty between the Ute and the US Government. Even though a year later, it was revoked and the Ute were forced to reservations anyway.

20th century - Further government treaties and laws were passed gradually allowing the Ute tribe to begin owning their own homes on and near the reservations. It also established tribal law upon the reservations. Traditional Bear Dances and Sundances are sponsored, as well as pow-wows held.

21st century - The Pokoh's Peak reservation. After the old Chieftain's death, Ahanu was named the new Chieftain. Within a few years of his appointment to the position, he married Sybil de Lancret in an arranged marriage.


NPCs on the Rez

  • The Ute chief Ahanu and his six braves (to contact these NPCs, +request Kestrel)

xxxxx Braves: Falling Raine, Walking Wind

  • Nina An-ko-tosh - Daughter of Ahanu; She no longer lives on the reservation but may show up there or in town from time to time. She is married to Marcel duVille and moved off the res to live with her husband.
  • Alice Redfoot - Ouray's older sister, tribal treasurer.
  • Pathimi - River's grandmother; is a great Sorceress/Shaman/Medicine woman of the Ute people, though most do not know of the Sorcerer background.
  • Winter - crafter of bead pouches and jewelry - minor mortal
  • Pine Leaf - older woman is a basket weaver of impressive skill in the old style and tradition
  • Granny Aspen - Ella's great grandmother - in her 90s. In frail health, tiny. Lives on Nipwaset ranch
  • Johnny Redcloud #1- Deceased. Died about over five years ago. A fighter and a lover of some infamy around the rez.
  • Lily Nipwaset - Early 40s, depressed, widow, Ella's mother. Lives in Nipwaset ranch.
  • Johnny Redcloud # 2 - Early 20s, great at traditional dances, handsome, mechanic, Ella's cousin.
  • Clint (11) , Isaac (6), Jacob (7), Colt (9), Johnny Redcloud #3 (10) - Ella's school-aged brothers and half brothers who live in the Nipwaset ranch. They are care for by Granny Aspen, Lily and Ella. Jacob is deaf.
  • Mary Niwaset - Ella's sister, aged 5, Johnny Redcloud's last born child. Sickly. Lives on the Nipwaset ranch.
  • Ray Tokawana - Cody's younger brother, early 20's, he travels a lot with his job (pharmaceutical sales rep), but when he is home he lives with Cody at the house behind the clinic.

PCs who live on the Rez

  • Enola - Lives on the rez in the blue house in the aspen grove by the water fall. (actual address)
  • Ekta - Lives on the rez in her trailer
  • Ella - Lives on the Rez at Nipwaset Ranch
  • Cody - Doctor on the Rez, he lives at 202 Ignacio, which is tucked away behind his medical clinic.

PCs Association with the Rez

  • Ouray - Sister lives on the rez, regular visitor, tribe mechanic.
  • Jolon - Grew up on the rez

Potential Upcoming Events

  • Bear Dance (Mama- Kwa - Nhkap) - The largest Ute Pow-wow and cultural event that takes place in May to celebrate the coming of spring and the awakening of the bears from slumber.
  • Sun Dance - The sun dance used to be practiced to ensure successful buffalo hunts. Early in the reservation days of the Utes it was practiced in secret (against the wishes of reservation authorities) as a sacrificial dance in which young braves would fast, dance and suffer as a prayer/offering to try call upon the spirits to bring relief to the suffering on the rez. This dance takes place in mid-summer. Rumor is the Utes of Pokoh's Peak are planning one for coming summer.
  • Ghost Dance - The Utes were among the tribes who participated in this dance. It has not been performed in quite some time. If it will be performed or not, remains a mystery.
  • Other Dances - The Utes also preformed the Circle Dance, War Dance, Shield Dance, Dog Dance, Tea Dance, Lame Dance, Double Dance, Square Dance and Coyote Dance. These are social dances - of which a few maybe chosen to be held this year.
  • Monthly Pow-wows/Potlatches - to sell wares, to let tourists get a flavor of the past. To just get together.
  • Tribal Council - Potentially there could be a town hall like meeting, lead by the elders to discuss issues pertaining to rez.

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