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This questionnaire replaces what is required for your background. You may choose to do a traditional story background in ADDITION TO the questionnaire, however, it will not fulfill what I require for approval. The questions in the questionnaire are precise and gives me the information I need to understand your character and to design plots based around your characters. Answers can be as long or as short as you would like. So long as it conveys what I need to know about your character, we should be good. If I have any questions about your answers I will let you know.

  • Please note: I DO NOT REVIEW APPLICATIONS BY +MAIL OR BY +JOB. I must get this information by e-mail, at

SCENE: In what sort of place do you live?
Where do you work?
Where are you from?
What other places in the world are important to you?

Explain your flaws.
Explain your merits.
What are the weaknesses in your characters personality?
What are the weaknesses in your characters aptitudes?
What are the strengths in your characters personality?
What are the strengths in your character's aptitudes?

The above questions are a little confusing, so I have written examples using myself as the character to help explain how these questions should be answered. To clarify, the questions about your merits and flaws are - unlike the other questions in this section - questions about what is on your sheet if you took any merits or flaws. The other questions are about personality, so here are my examples::

What are the weaknesses in your characters personality?. So a good example of this would the fact that I tend to have a guilt complex that makes me feel like leaving so much of my job to Owl is failing, even though that's why I sought out an Admin for this period and what I'm doing is incredibly important. I also have a serious knack for procrastination - I can ALWAYS find something else to do. I also have a limited attention span and almost need to be multitasking to keep from spacing in some situations - especially in scenes where people are posing slowly.

What are the weaknesses in your characters aptitudes? This is similar to the one above, but it's about what you're bad at, not how your mind works. This isn't what are you statistical gaps, this is what sort of things do you struggle with internally, find stupid, have trouble with. As an example, I have trouble learning foreign languages - I can handle almost any form of English, Shakespeare and 'Hop on Pop' are equally easy for me, but I've taken 4 foreign languages of all different types and I sucked at ALL of them. So this is just something my brain really doesn't do, no matter how hard I try or what methods I attempt. Alternatively, there are things that while I might be good at them - they utilize skills I'm decent at - I just find so incredibly boring. For example, my roommate owns an arduino (it's a tech device you put little addons to - a programming boardtypething... you can already tell I don't really get it). This thing you add other things to to make it do things like turn on a light when someone gets within a certain distance of it, or flash lights in a certain pattern, or make certain noises. I could care less - he comes to me all excited, having spent literally days making it turn on a light when you get within 6 feet of it and I can't find it in me to say more than 'that's neat'. Because OMG is that so boring, and he wants to describe in detail why the wiring and programming does this and I just do not care. So if I needed to do this, I'd be terrible at it, not because I don't have the skillset (I don't, but I could learn it), but because I'd spend the entire 2 days that it took wanting to scream and desperately searching for something else to do to entertain myself. So it's not so much that I can't do this, but that I just don't want to and would fall asleep trying - but in an emergency I could probably pull it off (unlike the languages, where i'm SoL).

What are the strengths in your characters personality? I'm incredibly stubborn, and I will just keep trying until I accomplish what I'm trying to do - determined is probably a more application-appropriate word for a job application, but this isn't that; I'm stubborn. I'm also dedicated and I tend to follow through when I commit to something. Note I'm studying 12 hours a day, 7 days a week and I have Owl doing most of my job and yet I'm still doing this and I still log in to check in and make sure I do the parts of my job I can't dump on her (like this one). I follow through on what I start and I do my best to do what I commit to. I'm also pretty straightforward - more or less, what you see is what you get with me. I do my best not to play games, and I never offer to do something I'm not willing to do (because if someone takes you up on it, then you're stuck - so better to just not offer in the first place if you weren't willing to do it; that means that if I offer, I'm serious and willing to do it and if you accept then I will do my best to get it done).

What are the strengths in your character's aptitudes? You answered this fine but I figured I should do this one too - I'm going to post these to the site to help others out. I am very logical, I tend to work things through and I like it when it all makes sense and works together. I'm also flexible and willing to work with someone to get to a place where we're both happy with the end result, rather than accepting things that are stupid because I can't be bothered (or don't have time), or refusing things just because I don't like them. I'm big on compromising, making things work in ways that are balanced without breaking the system and yet still giving the feel of what the person was looking for.

Describe your physical appearance.
List the members of your nuclear family, your relationship to them, and their location.
How educated are you?
Where did your mundane education take place?
What did you specialize in?
Describe in detail the mundane goals of your character.
Explain any licenses, criminal records, etc. may be relevant.
Explain your backgrounds.

How much money do you have?
How much does your job pay?
What do you own?
How much in debt are you?
What special items (Chimera & Treasures) do you possess? Include a description of them.

What Court are you?
What's your Seeming?
Explain your legacies.
Explain your musing/ravaging thresholds.
What Kith Are you?
What type of dream is the theme of character? (Hunger, Passion, Nobility, Honor, Loyalty, Fear, Creation, etc)
Explain how your character is different from a generic member of your kith and/or house.
What is your fae mien?
How do you view Glamour?
How do you view the Dreaming?
How do you view banality?
Describe in detail the goals of your character within the dreaming and changeling society.
Have you ever dealt with other supernaturals? Please detail if the answer is yes.

Background Check:
1) ID's you possess: (Drivers Licence, Passports, Fake IDs, Etc.)
2) Address on ID's:
3) Citizenship:
4) Phone listed?
5) Criminal Record: If any please provide basic details
6) Owned properties, both On grid and Off Grid:
7) Source of Income (If you have Resources):
8) Anything else you think might be important were someone to run a BG Check on you.

Please include a brief timeline of your character; include all major events, such as, chrysalis, etc.

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