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Changeling feudalism is not the same as you will find in history. Changeling is much more like fairy tale life than it is like historical life. Here is a run down of Concordia (North America) with a focus on where the players are.


High King of North America: High King David Ardry

High King David rules over all the kingdoms of North America. Widely loved by commoners, he is known as the Commoners King. He is large on reforms and creating an egalitarian Kithain society. The power to appoint Kings and Queens belongs solely to King David. He is a benign ruler whose influence on the Dreaming has been palpable and beneficial, restoring a sheen of luster long missing from Concordia. Yet, he has gone missing, and it is a mystery as to what happened to him. However, the high king's position still remains David's at this time.

Kingdom of Apples: Queen Mab ap Fiona

Kingdom of the Feathered Snake: Duke Topaz ap Gwydion

Kingdom of Grass: Queen Mary Elizabeth ap Dougal

County of Ag Ealu (Illinois): Count Jonathan Conniers ap Eiluned

Barony of Shadow's Heart: Baroness Ria O'Malley ap Eiluned

This is a barony in Illinois that is now being ruled by a former PC under the authority of Count Jonathan Conniers of County of Ag Ealu (centered in Chicago). The barony is in a state of upheaval, requiring the emergency recall of Moira to help handle things.

Kingdom of Northern Ice: Queen Laurel ap Fiona

Kingdom of Pacifica: Queen Aeron ap Fiona

Kingdom of White Sands: Queen Morganna ap Gwydion

Kingdom of Willows: King Meilge ap Eiluned

Kingdom of Burning Sun: Chief Greyhawk ap Gwydion

The Kingdom of Burning Sun is ruled by Chief Greyhawk (formerly King Videll) of House Gwydion. An anomaly to some for going native, he enjoys peace between the Nunnehi and the Kithain in his Kingdom due to the close bonds forged by his ties and acceptance of Nunnehi ways. Duke Topaz and Chief Greyhawk are at odds, and conflict brews between their Kingdoms, one of the rare hotspots in otherwise quiet Concordia. The Kingdom of Burning Sun closely follows the mundane borders to include Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, and New Mexico. There are five duchies within Burning Sun; each ruled by a duke or duchess with the territory split unevenly between them.

Duchy of Fire Mountain: Duke Earl Winchester ap Dougal

The Duchy of Fire Mountain is led by Duke Earl Winchester of House Dougal. The Duchy of Fire Mountain encompasses modern day Nevada, Utah, and Colorado, with Duke Earl Winchester himself holding court in Las Vegas. There are three counties in Fire Mountain; each ruled by a count or countess.

County of Breathing Seas (Utah)

County of Shimmering Sands (Nevada)

County of Maralah(Colorado): Nina An-ko-tosh and Count Marcel DuVille ap Fiona

The County of Maralah is co-ruled by Count Marcel duVille of House Fiona and Chieftain Ahanu's daughter, Nina An-ko-tosh, of the Nunnehi. Maralah was named by the Chieftain and means: sleep, sacrifice of myrrh, ascension. The Chieftain oversees the Nunnehi as regent, appointed by both the Count as a gesture of peace and to respect the Nunnehi's traditions. Nina An-Ko-Tosh rules over the Nunnehi of the County, allowing her father Chieftain Ahanu to make the majority of decisions while the Count rules over the kithain.

Knight-Captain: Lady Rose ap Gwydion (NPC)

Barony of Stone Flowers: Baroness Alyssa Marks ni Gwydion

Located in the city of Fort Collins, Colorado, this is a small but wealthy Barony. The barony has an unusually high sidhe population.

Barony of Frozen Sorrow: Baron Eidolon ap Fiona

Within the city of Colorado Springs, there is one Barony that controls the local town and surrounding areas, north towards the borders of Denver. This is a small Barony, with the main freehold being The Lighthouse.

Knights and Squires

- Sir Keith Ap Fiona (NPC)

- Sir Gregory Ap Fiona (NPC)

- Squire Edgar ap Gwydion (NPC)

- Squire Elsbeth ap Gwydion (NPC)

- Squire Richard ap Fiona (NPC)

- Squire Andrew ap Fiona (NPC)

- Squire Elarin ap Fiona (NPC)

Barony of the Whispering Pines: Baronness Ceridwen ni Dougal

Within the city of Pokoh's Peak, there is one Barony that controls the nearby forests and mountains, as well as to the borders of Denver. This is a small Barony, with the main freehold being Primrose Cottage.

Knights and Ladies

Knights and Ladies are not generally given land. Occasionally, if they have performed some great service, they may be awarded a small plot of land, but this is fairly rare. Generally the land offered will be no larger than a single estate. Granting fiefdoms to knights is purely at the Countess' whim and should the knight do something to displease the Countess, she can remove it from the knight with little or no warning. While you are in a fiefdom, the Knight who rules it is in charge.

- Sir Buck Mason ap Fiona

- Dame Leila Jones ni Eiluned

- Dame Rebecca Matheson ni Gwydion

- Sir Sebastion Thompson ap Eiluned

- Sir Jolon ap Liam


Squires are generally appointed by a knight, whose goal it is to teach the squire to become a knight themselves. Squires do not get land, no matter their deeds. A squire's reward is to attain knighthood. In theory, squires are entitled to command the commoners; however, most commoners will scoff at them and not do as told. Also, it is in rather poor taste for a squire to give commands, unless a need arises. In such a case, the squire can go to his knight for backup; however, unless the need is serious enough, the knight may simply tell the squire, "If you can't handle the commoners, then you aren't ready to be a knight."

- Squire Warrick ap Gwydion

Local Positions in the Barony

The following positions at court are currently vacant. If you are interested in helping your Barony in any of these positions please submit your application. The positions can be held by Commoners at the baron/ess's discretion, with the exception of Knight Captain.

Bards : Bards serve as a court’s storytellers and lorekeepers. There persons are considered sacred, and bad luck follows those who knowingly strike a bard or engage her in battle when she is unwilling. The words of bards are believed to prophetic. Most bards refrain from speaking unless performing or specifically requested to contribute to a conversation, lest they unwittingly utter something that (by virtue of coming from a bard’s lips) carries the force of prophesy. They are among the most respected retainers.

- Donovan McGowan: Prodigal sidhe kinain, Court Bard to Baroness Ceridwen

Court Seer : These skilled enchanters act as advisors to their lords. Their responsibilities include keeping watch for magical attacks on their lords and fiefdoms, conducting rituals (such as the Saining ceremony), and advising their lords on the use of lore and chimera. Seers’ command of magic sometimes makes them distrusted, though most of them are scrupulously honest with their dealings.

- Currently being handled by the County Seer of Maralah (situated in Denver)

Heralds : Heralds serve as messengers, diplomats, and couriers to their lords. This gives them a certain amount of diplomatic immunity when interacting with the courts of other nobles, so long as they pay the proper respect to their superiors in status. Heralds often serve as spies, since their duties allow them to move about in various circles without arousing too much suspicion. Heralds often possess treasures from their lords that allow them to travel quickly from place to place. They are responsible for summoning up commoner levies when fiefdoms are endangered.

Jesters : Jesters entertain the nobility and usher in Glamour on certain festive occasions. They also act as the watchdogs of Banality. Jesters often point out the foibles and failings of nobles in ways that amuse rather than humiliate, thus providing a graceful means for a wayward noble to correct her behavior. Jesters have a duty to sniff out the mundane and destroy it before it poses a serious threat to the fiefdom. They employ both cantrips and treasures to fulfill this important task.

- Maeve Connery, bee pooka serving as Jester to the entire Court

Knight-Captain : Leader and commander of all of the knights and squires in a barony.

Reeve : Reeves act as official liasons between a noble and the commoners who dwell within that noble’s fiefdom. They also fill the position of advocates for commoners, often appearing in court to press a commoner’s claims or voice a complaint. Reeves take care of a noble’s freeholds; courts usually have at least as many reeves as a noble has freeholds. Although they are merely caretakers, many reeves come to regard their particular freeholds as their personal property.

Seneschal/Chancellor : Chancellors serve as their lords’ right hands, governing their lieges’ lands in their absence and helping protect the fiefdoms from attack. Their intimate knowledge of the workings of their masters’ freeholds and lands usually earns them the trust and respect of their lords. Few chancellors abuse this confidence; in return, many receive almost as much honor as their masters.

- Dame Leila Jones ni Eiluned, Seneschal to Baroness Ceridwen and her voice when she is absent.

Steward : Stewards are responsible for a fiefdom’s resources, organizing and governing their lord’s assets. They control household finances, disburse chimerical and ‘real’ weapons and guard court treasures. Stewards also train and manage a household’s servants.

- Gunderson : NPC Boggan Steward of the Primrose Cottage.

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Commoners are not nobility; therefore, they are subject to the authority of those who are titled. However, those with positions at court may at times have the authority to order those who outrank them provided it falls within the authority of their position. It is expected that all Commoners show respect for even squires and for any sidhe - you don't have to like them, you will be respectful towards them or there will be consequences.

Manuvering within Feudalism

What if someone of higher status than you, who isn't a direct ruler of the area, gives you an order (ie. A baron belonging to a neighboring county.)? What do you do? If you're wise, you'll do as instructed (providing its not life threatening), then pass along verbatim the incident to the your Baron. The Baron will then take the issue to the Count whom will visit the Noble to have matters straightened out; if the other noble is out of line.

If a Duke or Duchess from another Duchy enters the county and gives you an order, what do you do? The same still applies: take the matter to your Baron, who will then take the matter to the Count, and then on to the Duke of Fire Mountain, who will take it to Chief Greyhawk, if such is deemed necessary.

In general, if any noble is giving you orders that are not life threatening or dangerous, it's wise to do as instructed. Then, report it to the Baron (or whoever is directly above you in the chain of command).

If you would like to be considered for an official diplomatic position within the court please contact the Barony.

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