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Don't Panic ...

First thing to know. The shifting code isn't scary :D We've done out best to make it as simple as we can.

If you know our multidescer, you're half way there already.

Your first step is to +chelp +pshift

Step 1
Your first step will be to do the following:

+shift/setup pooka

Step 2
Now, the basics are simple. You need to create a desc for each form, with the name of that form. So:

+gen/new Human=This is my homid desc, for how I look as a human. Probably want to mention clothes in this.

+gen/new Animal=This is me as a flying squirrel (or animal type) :D Don't I look cute?

Step 3
That's the basics.

You can set name changes , when you shift. Names can not be more than 16 characters long.

+gen/new Human/name=Bob

+gen/new Animal/name="Sugar Squirrel"

Or having some of your +info stuff change, when you do. You might want to do this, so it's not obvious who you are, when someone +info's the dog. if you do this, you /have/ to put in the info for homid as well, or it'll be overwritten.

+gen/new animal/streetwise/1=Level 1 streetwise for your animal.

+gen/new animal/streetwise/2=Level 2 streetwise for your animal.

+gen/new animal/streetwise/3=Level 3 streetwise for your animal.

+gen/new animal/streetwise/4=Level 4 streetwise for your animal.

+gen/new animal/streetwise/5=Level 5 streetwise for your animal.

+gen/new human/streetwise/1=Level 1 streetwise for your mortal face.

+gen/new human/streetwise/2=Level 2 streetwise for your mortal face

+gen/new human/streetwise/3=Level 3 streetwise for your mortal face

+gen/new human/streetwise/4=Level 4 streetwise for your mortal face

+gen/new human/streetwise/5=Level 5 streetwise for your mortal face

More Options
If you'd like to use the complete system, then there are a couple more steps to do.

set the following +wears

+wear/new Human=%b

+wear/new Animal=%b

These will clear +wear and +fx for your animal forms, so you don't end up being a wolf, wearing someone's clothing.

Shifting Forms (( +shift ))
TOPIC: Shifting Forms

xxxxx+shift/setup pooka
xxxxxxxxxxTo view attribute adjustments for forms.
xxxxx+shift <form>
xxxxxxxxxxTo shift to a specific <form>.
xxxxx&shift_msg_<form> me=<text>
xxxxxxxxxxFor a message everyone gets when you shift to <form>.

xxxxx+shift Human
xxxxx+shift Animal

To set your individual form descs and +finger info, please refer to +help +wear create and set your +gen, +wear, & +fx (and subsequent wraith_descs) for each of your forms.

In all cases, <form> is the specific name for each available Pooka Type, ie: human is human, Animal is your animal form. The code hides you from the +who while in shifted form, but only for your current login period. If you reconnect, you can use @hide/on to rehide.

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