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These faeries only have physical form in the dreaming. Unless they use a special art.

xxxxxThis defines not only what you look like, but what relationship you have with the dreaming. In traditional kithain terms this determines your court and seeming. You must pick which one is primary,secondary, and tertiary.
xxxxxxxxxxDionae - The basic instincts. the id.
xxxxxxxxxxAraminae - The Rational mind
xxxxxxxxxxApollae - The higher self.

xxxxxYou must pick one to go with each aria.

xxxxxWhat specific type of Adhene are you
xxxxxxxxxxAonides - The muses.
xxxxxxxxxxFir-Bholg - Predator survivors.
xxxxxxxxxxFauths - Wild spirits and forces of nature. Closely related to animals
xxxxxxxxxxMoirae- The fates.

These are the faeries of statues and natural elements.

xxxxxThis determines your anchor and whether it has been shaped by man or exists in it'sunmolested natural state
xxxxxxxxxxGladeling - Your Anchor is it's natural state, far more rare.
xxxxxxxxxxKrofted - Your anchor was changed by the hands of man

xxxxxThis is how long you have been awake. This does NOT effect your physical description or age.
xxxxxxxxxxChildling - awake for less than 2 years
xxxxxxxxxxWilder - awake for at least a few years
xxxxxxxxxxGrump - awake since the resurgence or longer

xxxxxWhat specific type of inanimae are you.
xxxxxxxxxxKubera - Healers and Dryads tied to plants
xxxxxxxxxxOndine - Peacemakers of inanimae, tied to Water
xxxxxxxxxxParoseme - Scatterbrained and tied to the air.
xxxxxxxxxxMannikin - holders of secrets and inhabit statues.

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