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They are open. I have a few requirements from kinain players:

  • You must be usefull to the Fae. You will be expected to to rp with people in the Changeling Sphere. Kinain are vital to the changelings and interacting with the more banal aspects of reality.
  • If you have Fae Gifts and access to Arts and Realms you will not be approved with Sorcery or mortal+ powers from chargen. If you are another supernatural race, you will be limited to whatever that race's powers may be.
  • If you wish to be cross sphere, meaning if you are also another supernatural critter of some kind, you must meet not only my requirements but the requirements of the other sphere you will be a part of. Your final approval is contigent upon both myself and the other wizard agreeing.
  • Kinain require a teacher for any Art or Realm they learn; while they can still benefit from an Instruction roll, the teacher need not have Instruction to teach them. Kinain pay an increased cost for Arts. If they don't come in with any, upon learning their first ever point of Arts, they will gain one free point in their Kith's affinity realm (affinities can be found above; by houserule sidhe's affinity is Fae).
  • Arts cost more for kinain than they do for kithain. The first dot of a common art costs 15XP, while the first dot of a Rare Art costs 20XP. After that, increasing an Art is (current rating x 12)XP. Realms cost as normal (As noted above, every single level of an Art or Realm requires an IC teacher).
  • Kinain can have a maximum number of Fae Gifts equal to their Faerie Blood background. Some of the gifts have ratings 1-5 as skill with that gift increases, while others have a flat cost; either kind of gift counts as a single gift for this maximum. Therefore, having Bardic Gift 5 does not take up all of the Fae Gifts available to the kinain if they have Faerie Blood 5, it only takes 1 even though Bardic Gift is an ability with 5 levels to it. Similarly, Honored Birthright - which has a flat cost of 5 - also only takes up a single point towards the kinain's maximum Fae Gifts.

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