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This replaces the Court of the kithain.
Midseason - Tricksters
Summer - Peaceful and Caretakers
Winter - Angry and Destructive

This is how old you are.
braves - Must be over 18 years of age
elders -

This is what specific type of Nunnehi you are.
Canotili - Tree Dwellers that are mischevious forest creatures
Kachinas - Helpful faeries that bring good fortune and fertility
May-may-gway-shi - Rock Fishers that are talented artists
Nanehi - Socially adept faeries
Surems - Yaqua Little People - Peace loving but strong
Thought Crafter - Creative craftsmen that are also enjoy being a trickster.
Tunghat - Green Dwarves that have strong ties to animals
Yunwi Tsundi - Little People are attractive and industrious

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