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Chanterelle Pfeiffer

1977: Born

1987: Chrysalis. Enrolled in private school for young kithain in London. Fostered to one of tue tutors at the school, Mister Jeremiah Fforbes, the Sluagh maths tutor. They do not get along especially well, but he is a good tutor, and teaches her very well the proper ways of the kithain. Of course, her parents help to do that, but as her Foster, Mr Fforbes is a very attentive teacher.

1988: Saining. The school holds a Saining ceremony twice a year, and there are usually three or four students to go through the ritual together. Although it is always an individual, and very intimate, experience, the Saining of the students is followed by a banquet. It is possibly one of the least traumatic Sainings a young Kithain could wish for!

1995: Commences study at the Academy of Culinary Arts

1998: Graduates from academy. Commences work as under-chef at a London restaurant. The focus is Italian food. It is called Cosa Noshtra.

2000: Starts as under-chef in restaurant in Paris, near the Bastille, in an upstairs garret. The restaurant has a Victor Hugo theme. Very quickly promoted to sous chef. Food critic Gaston Ferrier "discovers" her, praises her work. Media take notice.

2003: Returns to England. Works initially as sous chef in a restaurant in Surrey, Chateau Napoleon. Appears on the TV show "The Great British Menu." Does not win, but is finalist in the pudding category.

2004: Appears on next series of "The Great British Menu." Comes first in the dinner main course category.

2006: Returns to Paris as Head Chef at the restaurant Maison Gastronomique

2009: Publishes first book, "Eat Your Heart Out." Becomes a New York Times bestseller.

2010: Publishes second book, "Mushrooms With Everything." On strength of two books, is given a TV show on BBC2 on Thursday evenings.

2011: Publishes third book, "Cooking for Couples... and More!" It is rather risqué, being a book of recipes that are supposedly aphrodisiac. Second series of TV show broadcast.

2012: Appears as guest judge for a season of Great British Bake-Off.

2013: Fourth book published. "From Garden to Garnish." It combines her gardening skill and cooking, showing how to grow your own ingredients, and use them.

2014: "From Garden to Garnish" TV show.

2015: Embarks on a round the world gastronimic tour, to record her next TV show.

2016: "Around the World in Eighty Dishes" broadcast.

2017: Co-presenter on "Iron Chef America."

2018: Commences work on new TV show about how the food of the original immigrants from different nations combined to create popular American cuisine. Research and filming in Denver, Colorado. Moves to Pokoh's Peak to be nearby, while avoiding staying in the big city.

rp hooks
  • Cooking: If you want it cooked, call on me!
  • Gossip: This is what Boggans do best of all!
  • Robin - She is clearly a wonderful friend. And a lot of fun to cook alongside, too!
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Name Chanterelle Pfeiffer (formerly Pfifferling)
Occupation Celebrity Chef, TV Broadcaster, Author
Height 5 ft 4 ins
Weight 160 lbs
Race Changeling
Kith Boggan
Seeming Grump
Court Seelie
Seelie Legacy Philanthropist
Unseelie Legacy Schismatic
Charisma ****
Perception ****
Intelligence ****
Empathy ****
Crafts ****
Herbalist ****
Played By: Nigella Lawson