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"I just can't wait to be king."

Jonathan Taylor Thomas

Christopher was a young student at Chilcott University. He spent his time baking, and hanging out at Aperta Community Confections or Pokoh's Cantina and Brewery.
RP Hooks
  • Lost to the world.
  • Alex - I'm doing my best to meet you in the middle. Why is this so hard to do?
  • Aliyah - Why? We're trying to meet you halfway now. Truce, for the children?
  • Brian - Brother, you're a great dude. Glad to be around you.
  • Donovan - I don't see. What are you about?
  • Emmanuel - You are one of the best friends I could have ever hoped for.
  • Ekta - You are soft and beautiful and confident. Never change.
  • Eris - To you, I am sworn. For as long as I am alive, I will strive to make you happy and proud. I will never forget all you do for me. My Lady.
  • Kismet - I'm sorry I misjudged you. I'm glad to be starting over. Let's be friends.
  • Kori - Find peace and happiness, wherever you are.
  • Sarah - Quiet friendship. It's good that we have ended up this way.
  • Sebastion - I didn't know you were like that. You let me down.
  • Xenia - Thank you for the happy memories.
Former Contacts
  • Katarina - I failed you. I should have been there. Rest in whatever peace you can find. Your fight is over; mine is just beginning.
  • Paul - When I said to find his motivation, I didn't mean get himself killed!
Christopher (Soft Bear).png Christopher (Bear).jpg Christopher (With Fish).jpg
Name Christopher McGee
Occupation Student
Height 5'8"
Weight 225
Eye Color Hazel
Hair Color Brown
Apparent Age 24