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Dr. Cody Tokawana M.D.

"If we wonder often, the gift of knowledge will come."





Name: Cody Tokawana
Occupation: Doctor
Nature: Caregiver
Demeanor: Judge
Date of Birth: 3/4/1989
Height/Weight: 5'9"/160
Hair Color: Black

A Legend:

A Comanche and a Ute met at the spring. The Ute had killed a deer and this had aroused the jealousy of the Comanche. As the Ute stopped to drink, the Comanche leaped upon him and held his head in the stream until dead. At once the form of Manitou, an aged man with white beard, appeared out of the stream and, with a war cry, brained the murderer. Immediately the water of that spring turned bitter.

So that his children might not have to drink of this, the Great Spirit smote the rocks some distance away and sweet and healing waters came forth.

A Man's Life:

Cody Tokawana is no stranger to pain, but he believes in life, and he believes in healing. He believes the Great Spirit gives us each a gift, and Cody hopes to bring his, the gift of medicine, to help the native population on the reservation thrive.

An Action:

Cody has opened the Tokawana Clinic on the Reservation to provide free and low-cost medical care to the native population. Outsiders may come, as long as they are friends of the reservation and its people. However; they should expect to pay.

Places to go, People to see
Alessandra You are new, but I look forward to seeing what path you walk.
Amunet Wholly competent in your duties.
Andre Perhaps you could choose to target your animosity more appropriately.
Annabelle I believe congratulations are in order.
Ayashe I like you. Perhaps inexplicably. You do not seem to know the value of silence, but there is value in your words too.
Beau Brother. Thank you for your leadership and your guidance. And, your friendship.
Cabe A bargain has been made. We shall see.
Cain You are cold. I am not sure what that means for you yet.
Chenoa I am glad to know you. Glad to call a friend of the family.
Darla You take your job seriously, but I am beginning to see your heart.
Dawn I am sorry I could not do more.
Donovan Words are an often overlooked weapon.
Ella Mine. I would die to protect this world for you and our family.
Enya Did you find what you were looking for? I've not seen you for some time now.
Erik I respect your strength, your wisdom, and your mercy, call it what you will.
Evan ...
Gavin I look forward to working with you in the future, doctor.
Harley Good luck in your future endeavors.
Harry The path was too much for you.
Itsy You also do not know the value of silence, you have not managed to say anything that gives you any value though.
Iz Curious to be on the other side of questions.
Jolon You are an inspiration to me and many others on the Reservation. I appreciate you and all you do.
Lee Not what I expected from you. Yours will be an interesting journey to see.
Liam If you ever need anything, you only need to ask.
Malcolm You are ambitious. I wish you luck. You have much you could teach us all.
Maya I appreciate your kindness and hospitality. You have my sympathies.
Molly I am not sure about you anymore. Guardian of something precious, yet things seem to fall apart around you.
Musaphir Live by the sword...
Ouray Quick-witted, but you seem to keep to yourself. Maybe there is wisdom in that. Or maybe you just don't care about anyone but yourself.
Revi It seems we share more than just gingerale.
Saoirse Sister. We do not see you as often as I would like.
Sofia If I did not like you on your own merits, the fact that you are a friend to Ella would be enough. I do though.
Wade Brother. Thank you for always being there.
Wenquian You embody all the attributes one in your position should have.

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