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PUMPING LIMITS: This is in the book, but there's been some confusion in the past so I felt it warranted this post. Vampires may use blood points to "pump" their physical attributes up to one higher than the maximum trait rating imposed by their respective generations. Thus, vampires of 13th generation through 8th generation may raise their physical attributes up to 6 through normal blood expenditure. Once 6 is reached, a vampire may continue to pump ONE physical stat as high as 10. When the vampire stops spending blood, the stat will remain at 10 for three turns, barring extenuating circumstances. It will then drop to 6 and remain at that level for the duration of the scene.

DAMAGE SOAKING: This is in the book, but as with pumping limits, there's been some confusion. Vampire characters may soak normal damage with a Stamina roll, adding Fortitude if the character possesses at least one point of the Discipline. Aggravated damage, caused by sunlight, fire, claws and teeth of other supernatural creatures, or supernatural attacks, may be soaked only with Fortitude die.

COMBAT WIKI: Go to Combat Maneuvers for detailed information on combat maneuvers used on Sheltering Sky.


Due to the constant time flow of the MUSH and the inability for us to 'fast forward' it as table top games are able, we have adjusted torpor times to the following:


  10.........1 day
  6-9........5 days
  4-5........2 weeks
  1-3........30 days

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