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xxxxxCosmo Marks, a charismatic New Yorker in his late 20s, is an experienced and respected photojournalist. He has previously been on assignment during both the Syrian Civil War and the American intervention in Iraq, and has photographed the conflict in Afghanistan for Life magazine while embedded with the troops.

xxxxxSince his return stateside, Cosmo’s been doing his fare share of freelancing. No, the paparazzi don't have it easy. They're reviled by their subjects, by their employers, by their voyeuristic audience—and by the fashion and news photographers who think of themselves as artists and the paparazzi as creeps with cameras.

xxxxxWhile Cosmo might shoot celebrities in all their infamy: drunk, undressed, distressed, lip-locked with folks who aren't their spouses and in all sorts of compromising positions. He’s no bottom feeder. For him it’s about the hunt and the chase!


This section reflects Cosmo's interests.

  • Photography: Cosmo sees the world though a high definition lens. Photography isn’t just what he does, it’s who he is.
  • Alcohol: Cosmo can be a social drinker. But let’s face it; a social setting isn’t a requirement. His motto is if you’re going to drink, drink to excess! Once he starts, he keeps going, until he’s hammered, often passing out.


The below section is used to keep track of who Cosmo deals with frequently. More infrequent associations may not be listed.

  • Name:



Full Name: Cosmo Marks
Concept: Photojournalist
Date of Birth: December 1st 1986
Nature: Explorer
Demeanor: Dabbler
Height/Build: 5’11/Athletic
Hair/Eyes: Sandy/Hazel
Known Skills:
  • Photography
  • Stealth
Known Merits/Flaws:
  • Ability Aptitude
  • Alcoholism


[Photograph by Nickelback]