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Vampires to...

This page explains some frequently asked questions about cross sphere interactions with vampires.


Kiss: A vampire who drinks fae blood becomes Enchanted for a number of days equal to the number of blood points consumed. In addition, the Cainite must make a Courage roll against a base difficulty of three + the number of blood points consumed. If a vampire fails these Courage rolls the Vampire enters the second stage of Bedlam and gains a temporary derangement. If the roll is botched, the Vampire enters the third stage of Bedlam and gains a permanent derangement. Malkavian's are unaffected by Bedlam (see MISTS AND BEDLAM).

Addiction: Fae blood is also highly addictive to vampires. A vampire must make a Willpower roll vs 6 to resist becoming addicted. If the Willpower roll is failed during any feeding in which a Fae is the victim, the vampire receives the four point Flaw, Addiction: Changeling Blood. A botch also indicates addiction but requires a frenzy check as well. If the frenzy check is failed, the vampire will want drink as much of the Fae's blood as they can. Kinain blood contains Fae blood and can also cause addiction. However, the difficulty for the willpower roll is based on the Kinain's 'Faerie-Blood' score. The less Fae blood they have within their veins, the less likely addiction is.

Mists and Bedlam Vampires suffer from Bedlam as mortals; the only except to this are Malkavians who, due to the insanity in their blood, are unaffected by Bedlam. The Mists prevent vampires from seeing chimerical seemings, unless the Vampire has been enchanted. After the enchantment wears off, the vampire will retain the memory of what happened while enchanted, although the Mist again hides it from physical view. This applies for enchantment only, not trips to the Dreaming or Bedlam.

Blood Bonds Fae can be Blood Bound, as well as ghouled. However, the changeling's fae soul goes back to sleep while the vampire blood is present in his/her system. Thus, the changeling becomes mortal.

The Embrace Fae can be Embraced. Their fae souls, however, become separated from their physical bodies, effectively making the changeling mortal. The Embrace may then continue as normal.

Animalism Pooka Fae are only affected by Animalism 1, 2 and 4 while in their animal forms. Sharing of Spirits, Animalism level four, may be used to possess a transformed Pooka, but none of the Fae's special abilities may be used by the vampire possessing them.

Chimerstry A Fae can sense the use of Chimerstry within a mile with a simple Kenning roll (vs 7). One success gives general idea where it was used, five successes gives pinpoint location.

Obfuscate A Sluagh can pierce the vampire discipline Obfuscate by rolling Perception + Alertness vs 7. This perception works on any level of the discipline.

Information Disciplines Level 3 and higher Vampire Disciplines that are designed to get information may pierce the Mists, if the vampire burns an extra point of Willpower to cause the effect. For example, Auspex 4 (Telepathy) could be use to learn information about the fae world from a Changeling if an extra point of Willpower were burned by the vampire. The Disciplines affected by this rule vary, but in general, are those which fall under the banner of drawing information about a target (e.g. Auspex, certain Thaumaturgic rituals and paths, etc.). Dementation 3 (Eyes of Chaos) can be used on an object in this way without having to spend the extra Willpower, but the readings from that Discipline will be extremely garbled and confused, even moreso than is normal for this power.


Feeding If the mage has Paradox at the time of feeding, Vampire and Mage Staff should be contacted immediately.

Disciplines vs Mages Can be used against mages (who otherwise count as mortals), and mages can directly countermagick the effect of certain disciplines of which they are aware. With 1 dot in the Mind sphere, the Mage can attempt to countermagick uses of Animalism, Dominate, Presence against them of which they are aware (possibly requiring an awareness roll, depending on the circumstances). Similarly, any other discipline level that directly affects the mage's mind, body, or spirit can be countered similarly with the appropriate spheres (Mind, Life, and Spirit). Mages with Prime 1 can also attempt to countermagick Thaumaturgy or other blood sorcery disciplines, including their rituals. The mechanic in all cases is Arete vs. 8, each success cancelling one of the vampires.

Vampiric Countermagick Vampires possessing knowledge of one of the three disciplines of blood-sorcerery (Thaumaturgy, Koldunic Sorcery or Necromancy) may attempt to countermagick the use of True Magick against them (although Necromancy can only be used to counter appropriate life, entropy and spirit effects dealing with death and the dead). The vampire must be aware of the magic, and rolls their Thaumaturgy discipline rating (or other appropriate discipline) at a difficult of 8, each success removing one of the mage's. This roll can be made every time the mage rolls, although it requires full concentration for the round, like any normal use of thaumaturgy. The Thaumaturgical path of Countermagick is an exception to this, and a vampire possessing it may rolldice equal to his rating in the path (not discipline) for countermagick without concentrating, but no other attempt may be made.

Embrace Mages can be Embraced, but lose their ability to perform True Magick; they can learn Thaumaturgy as an In-clan discipline with instruction.

Blood Bond A Mage may be Blood Bound.


The Embrace All Embrace and Ghouling requests must be approved by Vampire staff.


Delirium Vampires and Ghouls are immune to the Delirium.

Kiss Shifters are affected by the Kiss. After a vampire has fed from a werecreature the shifter makes a Rage roll to resist frenzy. Each point of shifter blood consumed by a vampire reduces the difficulty of frenzying by one. Ananasi are the exception, Vampires cannot feed from Ananasi, nor the reverse. Any attempt to, will cause vomiting and cramps in the Vampire.

Disciplines Dominate will only affect a werecreature if it can understand the command. A frenzied werecreature is immune to Dominate.

Humanity A shifter's humanity is Rank+4

Wyrm Taint A vampire is considered "of the Wyrm" by shifters if the Cainite's Humanity is lower than seven. Most Vampires on Paths of Enlightenment are considered to fall into this category automatically, but certain paths such as Honorable Accord and Feral Heart may still count as humanity for the purposes of Wyrm taint.

Embrace No PC Abominations will be allowed, ever. Embrace always results in the death of a Shifter, who is considered to pass the roll and go on to their appropriate afterlife.


The Embrace All Embrace and ghouling requests must be approved by Vampire staff and Mortal+ Staff. Psychics embraced will lose their psychic numina. Sorcerers embraced will retain their sorcerer abilities.

Blood Bond Psychics and Sorcerers can be blood bonded. Blood bonded Psychics lose their psychic numina.

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