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"Let Virtue distinguish the brave, place riches is lowest degree, think them poorest who can be a slave, think them richest who dare to be free." - Omnia

Biographical Data
Name: Darius Covington
Birthdate: March 7, 1989
Occupation: Ceramicist & Glass Blower
Nationality: American
Nature: Director
Demeanor: Bravo

Father: Marcel Covington - Alive
Mother: Siobhan Covington - Deceased
Siblings: Klaus Covington - Youngest - San Diego, CA
Amanda Covington - Middle - Portland, OR

Quote: I'll do as I must.
Themesong: Brantley Gilbert - Kick it in the Sticks
Blake Shelton - Kiss My Country Ass
  • In the mundane world Darius is a glass blower and ceramicist that does all sorts of vessel forms and little shiny pretty things. He has a certain aura about him that tends to be intimidating to a lot of people. He tends to move with a predatorial grace, and his gaze is almost as if sizing people up. He is known to have a temper at times. He rarely wears anything fancy, and looks like he works for living. This conflicts with his posture and mannerisms betraying both he is accustomed to command and power, and his speech sometimes betrays that he has a quick mind.
  • In the supernatural world Darius, at present, is the eldest Verbena in the area. He is an Adept Gardner of the Tree and descended from a long line of Verbena stretching back generations, some say to the legendary Wyck. His family is well known and respected in Verbena circles as well as those other traditions that care about bloodlines. His family leads the Verbenic presence and is the most powerful coven in and around Northern California. <Honored Lineage merit>. Beyond the family recognition Darius himself is respected and known both within his tradition and within the Council of Nine. He has been appointed as Sentinel of the Chantry of Redemption's Brilliance by the Council of Nine. He has a reputation of being intimidating, cunning, brave and willing to do what needs to be done even if it is not popular or nice and a bit of a hot head. He is well known for leveling Thorne Industries single handedly leveling 3/4 of city block. He has a reputation of being willing to to act in significant ways, he knows his craft and is not shy about using it for good or ill. He is reputed to be like a force of nature when he is set in motion. He is not a member of the chantry due to his duty of being a Sentinel, however is in charge of the security of the chantry and it's secrets.
  • Even though not formally a member of the chantry, Darius has continued to nurture the members of his tradition and select students from other traditions that request his teaching. He has begun to re-establish his coven. His coven consists of members of Marcel Covington NPC <Darius's father and protector of the california sanctum and node>, Klaus Covington NPC <His little Brother operating afar>, Amanda Covington NPC<His Sister, whom is in Portland raising a family>, Noelani Bowman <from a rival family and Darius's right hand the two have a long history>. Under their control is 2 sanctums and 2 nodes. The local Sanctum is said to be at Aeduna Gallery and Studio. The most notable thing there is the creation that Darius successfully gotten created was a sapling of the physical manifestation Yggdrasil, aka The World Tree. He is known to the elders of the Verbena and Council of Nine by his bloodline and his office. He has even garnered the attention of the Primus of the Verbena, Morningshade. Along with another Verbenic Master of Spirit, Mavis, to visit, mentor Darius for a while, and link the physical sapling with the spirit of Yggdrasil to be the heart of his coven. As such he has also gained a reputation with the Dreamspeakers and spirits. He is allied with Stag's court and it's allies.
  • There are tie-ins available through and to Darius, both allied with, related to and adverse to Darius. Please feel free to contact Darius and Heron if you would like to be tied to Darius, his family, or something else that connects your character and mine.
  • NOTE - All the NPCs except for his Father are welcome to be apped.
RP Hooks
  • He is an artist. Need anything ceramic or glass? He's your guy
  • He's a Verbena from a very well known, powerful, and respected family. Darius has gone a long ways into living up to the reputation of the Covington family. Are you from that tradition or the allies or enemies of Darius or his family? Are you one of his family members? Maybe someone from his past?
  • Darius's coven, made up presently of his family and some of the students from the chantry, They are stewards to a sapling of Yggdrasil, aka the world tree. It has a doorway into a zone that connects to some of the hardest places to get to in the umbra. However doors swing both ways. They also have 2 sanctums and 2 nodes of their own. Darius keeps an eye out for promising students.
  • He isn't shy about working with outsiders, he believes isolationism will only speed along the decline of magick and the mythic threads that are left in the world. Except if you are Vampire, Nephandic, Infernal, or otherwise uber evil or a threat to the natural cycle.
  • He believes in the traditional duties of the verbena including protecting the mythic threads.
  • Darius went to the university of Florida before getting expelled. Maybe you went to the same school.
  • Darius was appointed Sentinel of the area by the Council of Nine after he graduated the chantry's student body.
  • Noelani - My old love, you have always been my counterbalance. You walk back into my life and into my heart. Is this fate?
  • Miriam - Maybe she can unite a village.
  • Erin - A friendship rekindled and an ally.
  • Arn - A warrior, but can you think or are you just a tool to manipulate.
  • Roxanne - I thought you a friend. However now I do not know if I can trust you.
  • Musaphir - you are a superhero in thought and action. You can't save everyone though.
  • Giles - The prof that everyone seems to hate, but the one that can teach a lot. Will they ever thank you.
  • Kendra - Someday you will learn that to be a troll grants more enemies than friends
  • Gavin - I respect you, however do not fall to your own ego and pride.
  • Dawn - It is such a huge undertaking to heal the world. I wish you luck.
  • Cyrus - You are proving yourself to be more competent than what your peers give you credit for.
  • Christy - Is she still here?
  • Maya - You have proven yourself a friend. I hope you and Mus are able to have long happy life. If you ever need me, I'll be there.
  • Jacob - You are brave and seem to have honor. You have potential.
  • Hollar - Interesting fellow even if you give me a headache. You mean well.
  • John - As much as I want to hate you for what you are, I have come to respect you. I am sorry for what I will do.
  • Faisal - My respect for you has only grown since graduation.
  • Tux - Good teacher, social, you have a lot of people fooled. You are far more calculating than you appear.
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