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"I did not mean to rip him in half" - Me

Biographical Data
Name: Ayasha "Dawn - Breaks the Horizon"
Birthdate: 03/15/2001
Occupation: Guardian | Security
Nationality: Ute and Apache
Nature: Guardian
Demeanor: Show off


Standing close to 6'6 feet in height and bearing a muscular build, this tall native woman is akin to a lumberjack. Her skin is stretched tightly over her muscles, at least what can be seen, and looks to hold a rich coppery tan. The curves of her face are sharp, and hold a rather native look to them. There are a few scars that mar both her face and the rest of her visible skin, but while they keep her from being a true beauty, they give her the hint of a rugged charisma. There are obvious calluses on her hands, no stranger to work. Two dark brown eyes dart about looking at her surroundings, appearing almost black in their darkness. The hair on the top of her head has been pulled back tightly, not a strand out of place as the rich reddish brown tresses are bound by leather cords and then braided with a few owl feathers dangling from a beaded attachment. The braided tail reaches down her back to her waist.

RP Hooks
  • Is bear born
  • Works as a security guard
  • Guards Squaw Mountian
  • Is a Mage Consor
  • Gavin - My mate: I am forever yours.
  • Ella - Little Bear, Garou kin but love you just the same.
  • Crystal - Biger then me, Rou bff.
  • Aldulfr - Leader of the wolfs
  • Malcolm - My boss.
  • River - Not to be trusted.
  • Darius - I would like to know you better.
  • Musaphir - Never again will I trust you.
  • To'mo - Tomato, you are a wonderful spirit shaman.